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    32 Of The Best Places To Shop For Vintage Clothes Online

    Get your future wardrobe from the past.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Fluff




    If you're afraid of color, Fluff is definitely not the place for you. If your motto is, "the brighter the better"--go and "heart" this shop immediately.

    Pricing: $7.90 to over $100 for some designer pieces.

    2. Dethrose Vintage




    Dethrose Vintage is stocked with an array of pretty pastel dresses (both for evening and day wear) that will make you want to twirl around the house playing princess.

    Pricing: $28 to $495

    3. Dig Vintage Clothing




    A go-to shop for anyone who would describe their style as "hippyish" or "bohemian."

    Pricing: $17 to $427

    4. Muzukashii Onna




    If you're on the hunt for a vintage sweater that will make everyone want to cuddle with you, check out the selection at Muzukashii Onna. At the opposite end of the spectrum, they also have a great supply of gauzy and lacy items.

    Pricing: $18 to $384

    5. To Be Determined




    Here's an easy way to work vintage items into your wardrobe: buy a quirky, novelty-print skirt and pair it with a plain tee. You'll find a ton of skirts to start you off at To Be Determined.

    Pricing: $12 to $200

    6. Vanguard Vintage




    Sometimes you just want to sparkle: Vanguard has a bunch of options that will get you glittering.

    Pricing: From $14.30 to $812.50

    7. Vintage Vortex




    Head to this shop if you're looking for a fabulously fluffy dress to wear down the aisle (or to the prom).

    Pricing: $299.99 to $999.99

    8. Sabrosa Vintage




    This Nashville-based shop carries a wide variety of sizes: from petite to plus. Just type your size in the search box and see what they have that will fit.

    Pricing: $20 to $158

    9. Maeven Vintage




    An impeccably curated shop featuring items from a variety of famous designers (Lanvin, Oscar de la Renta, Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, Sonia Rykiel, Chanel, and more).

    Pricing: $5 to $1,600

    10. When Decades Collide




    Buying a fantastic floral frock will give you the perfect excuse to throw a garden party. Spring is here--go for it!

    Pricing: $15 to $210

    11. Bird On A Wire




    Coats are among the best items to buy vintage: while delicate fabrics tend to tear more and more easily as they age, things like wool and tweed will hold together forever. Well, *practically* forever. In any case, Bird On A Wire has an awesome selection of coats.

    Pricing: $12.14 to $318.76

    12. Off Broadway Vintage




    There are times when nothing but a red dress will do: Off Broadway Vintage has a treasure trove of beauties that Jessica Rabbit would die for.

    Pricing: $25 to $1,160

    13. Exile Vintage




    This shop has pages and pages and pages of button-ups for flannel fans (plus a variety of other offerings).

    Pricing: $12 to $250

    14. Fair Season




    Fair Season is (fittingly) a great place to find things to wear during the summer months: there are sundresses galore! Bring on the heat.

    Pricing: $19.20 to $110

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    15. Beta Menswear




    Most of the offerings at this family-run shop have a classic, rather J. Crew sort of vibe. They specialize in "practical, comfortable and timeless menswear." Stock up.

    Pricing: $12 to $280

    16. Ties Store




    This shop has over two thousand vintage ties. TWO THOUSAND! There's no way that you won't find at least a few (or a dozen) that you'll love.

    Pricing: $4.99 to $39.99

    17. Day Glo Diva




    If you're a dude who likes bright colors, you'll be psyched to see the selection at Day Glo Diva (they have plenty of options for ladies as well).

    Pricing: $8 to $128

    18. The Beard and Lady




    The place to go for perfectly worn-in vintage tees.

    Pricing: $7 to $180

    19. Carnival Of The Maniac




    This shop makes it very easy to see how your vintage suit would look in action and on the dance floor.

    Pricing: $7.77 to $477.77

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    20. The Vintage Mistress




    If you're on the hunt for some sparkly accessories, look no further than The Vintage Mistress for bags and baubles that shine (plus some gorgeous dresses to pair them with).

    Pricing: $14 to $748

    21. Tanaka Vintage




    Quality leather bags just seem to get better with age and Tanaka Vintage has a bevy of beautiful ones.

    Pricing: $22 to $950

    22. Southwest Vintage




    If you can't make it to the Southwest Vintage showroom in Arizona, their online shop is the next best option. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings: they have 'em all.

    Pricing: $7.50 to $997

    23. The Bird Cage




    Vera Neumann's colorful patterned scarves are highly collectible: Add to your collection (or start at new one) at The Bird Cage.

    Pricing: $16.33 to $130.67

    24. Persephone Vintage




    Persephone Vintage offers a wide variety of jewelry for anyone with a penchant for modern accessories.

    Pricing: $12 to $745

    25. Nashville Dry Goods




    You'll find bunches and bunches of boots for men and women at Nashville Dry Goods--and in every style (from cowboy boots to work boots to just plain fashionable boots).

    Pricing: $7 to $450

    26. Oliver and Alexa




    Skip the "vintage inspired" glasses and buy some *actual* vintage ones--there's a great selection at Oliver and Alexa.

    Pricing: $32 to $225

    27. Ma Mère Vintage



    Buy a brooch to pin to your favorite cardigan. Buy a brooch to pin to your jean jacket. Buy a brooch to pin to every single one of your tote bags. This shop has a ton of awesome ones, so go brooch crazy!

    Pricing: $5 to $36

    28. Poppycock Vintage Hat Shop




    If you're the type of person who longs to return to a time when people wore hats on a daily basis, Poppycock Vintage will fill you with glee. Who cares what's in fashion? Follow your heart...or head.

    Pricing: $13 to $295

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    29. Olivia Vintage Kids




    Delightful clothing from the '60s and '70s for kids. As you page through the brightly colored offerings you'll find yourself saying "aww!" over and over again (and for good reason).

    Pricing: $6.58 to $38.36

    30. Pretty Tidy Vintage




    If you're in the market for vintage shoes for your children, take a gander at the classic French footwear at Pretty Tidy Vintage.

    Pricing: $16.44 to $84.93

    31. Salvage House Vintage




    Not only does Salvage House carry a ton of cute vintage clothing items for children, they also offer vintage glasses! Side note: all models should make silly faces like this.

    Pricing: $6 to $258

    32. UDA Kids




    While there are many vintage clothing shops for toddlers and younger children, this shop also carries a variety of goods for six to twelve year olds.

    Pricing: $7.75 to $63

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