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33 Clever And Unexpected Uses For Ikea Products

Your Malm is so much more than a Malm.

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2. Hang a Vurm rack vertically and it's perfect for wine, but flip it horizontally and it becomes an excellent wall planter.

Label each container using some chalkboard paint and chalk to keep track of what you've planted.

More information at Design Fixation.


7. Adjust the height of the shelf in the PS 2014 wardrobe and use it as a desk.

The wire grating is ideal for hanging all of your office accessories on: use other Ikea products like the Bygel wire basket or a few Ordning kitchen utensil racks for supply storage.

Full instructions at Ikea Hackers.

8. Here's a Kryddig spice mill that has been reformed into a set of modern candlestick holders.

Buy another spice mill to display on your dining room table along with the candlestick holders: it'll be a matching set!

Full instructions at Bambula.

10. Floor poufs are awesome, but they tend to be super expensive: save some money and make your own using a floor mat.

You don't even need to be an excellent sewer: as long as you can stitch in a straight line, you should be all set.

Full instructions at Retropolitan.


18. Instead of using the Grundtal toilet paper holder in the bathroom, make it into a stand for your headphones and station it on your desk.

It will help keep the cords from getting tangled.


24. If you don't want to drill holes in your wall, use an Ordning kitchen utensil rack instead.

Dangle earrings from the holes and attach a few plastic hooks to hang necklaces on. If you attach the container to the top of a candlestick holder (as seen above), you'll be able to hang longer necklaces from it.

Full instructions at My Sister's Suitcase.

32. Insert a Heat trivet into the bottom of a lampshade for a cute (and quick) storage solution.

Ikea has so many different lampshade styles that you're bound to find a pattern to perfectly match any room in your house.

Full instructions at A Bubbly Life.

33. And finally, the most absurd(-ly genius) way to use an Ikea product of all: the Frakta shopping bag raincoat.

You definitely won't be the most stylish person on earth.... but the bag only costs $0.59! You'll be dry with some extra money in your pocket. Let 'em laugh.

Full instructions by Stephanie Casper at Instructables.


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