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27 Prints That Understand You Completely

Cover your walls in art that just gets it.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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1. For someone who knows their priorities.

Price: $10

2. For wine connoisseurs.

Price: $12

3. For excellent adventurers.

Price: $16

4. For the best people.

Price: $15.95

5. For anyone with a muddled brain.

Price: $23

6. For girls who know all they really want.

Price: $10

7. For cat people.

Price: $18

8. For hermits.

9. For people who understand the value of a healthy eating regime.

Price: $16

10. For all the practically perfect people of the world.

Price: $10

11. For realists.

Price: $22

12. For believers.

Price: $15

13. For people who actually like to exercise.

Price: $20

14. For ladies.

15. For Pinkman fans.

Price: $10

16. For coffee drinkers.

Price: $12

17. For someone who keeps their eye on the prize.

Price: $20

18. For the person who's practically in a relationship with a tray of baked ziti.

Price: $45

19. For someone with a one-track mind.

Price: $18

20. For late risers.

21. For those who long for more.

22. For friendly folks.

Price: $20

23. For those who fret.

Price: $20

24. For a person with a one-track mind.

25. For someone ready to give their two weeks' notice.

26. For someone with a simple demand.

27. For naysayers.

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