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We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

41 Clever Products Your Dog Deserves To Own

"Woof. Give me your credit card. Woof woof."

1. The Snuggle Bed: for your favorite cuddle bug.

2. Dogs don't want to be left out when it comes to pool time: this raft is puncture proof so their claws won't cause it to capsize.

3. If your dog can't swim, you should suit him up in this shark life jacket before letting him clamber up on the pool raft.

*cue the Jaws theme*

4. Is your dog too dirty to allow in your pristine pool? Buy him one of his own.

5. Are you a little slow? A little lazy? Let your pet chase this remote control dog pal around the yard.

6. It's been a long day. Pour yourself a glass of wine and give your pet a chardonnay chew toy.

7. The Fetch & Glow ball lights up so you can play at night without losing it in the dark.

8. Scared of losing your dog? Get Tagg: it's a GPS tracker that attaches to their collar.

Your pet doesn't want to get lost either.

9. A lounger for the dog who always wants to look like she's posing for a portrait.

10. The Snuggle Sack Pet Bed gives a pup some options for slumber time.

Hot night? Flat's probably the best option. Brisk? They can cozy on up into the bed cave-style.

11. There are travel water dishes and travel food bowls, but this combines both of those things into one.

12. People may scoff at clothing for pets, but some pooches honestly prefer to stay dry: they should be allowed to wear a rain coat without shame.

13. Similarly, some dogs really do need protection from the frigid winter air. They may as well do it in style with a sweater like this one.

A French Bulldog wearing a French Bulldog sweater = cuteness overload.

14. Does your dog judge your pathetic throwing skills? Get a Winga and earn back their respect.

The thrower can send the discs over 200 feet!

15. This baseball bed looks so plush and cozy!

16. Treats are more satisfying when they're actually shaped like the meat their flavor comes from.

17. Chat with your pet while you're at work (or even abroad) with this videophone.

You can set a ringtone to "alert your pet of your call."

18. This cozy and retro trailer bed has actual working wheels, so you can move it around the house.

19. Does your dog love sticking her head out the window? Protect her eyes with a pair of Doggles.

20. The Sleepy Pod Mobile Pet Bed is oh so much cozier than your typical pet carriers.

"If I must be cooped up, at least let me be delightfully snug. Bow wow."

21. This fountain circulates and filters your dog's drinking water so they aren't sipping on stagnant sludge.

22. A leash and collar set for the dog with a rootin' tootin' western sense of style.

Yee haw.

23. "I know that you work hard all day and I want to help you out. Buy some Pet Sweep boots and I'll tidy the floor up for you. Bark."

24. A bow tie for the dog that has many formal events to attend.

Just because they slobber doesn't mean they have to look like slobs.

25. "After dark, after schmark! Get the dog flashlight and let's go! Arrrrrooooooo!"

26. A well-designed toy for your dog to wobble around.

It releases treats: yum!

27. The PetNic Travel Organizer is perfect for anyone who makes frequent trips to the park.

The two sides of the lid actually detach, so you can use them to serve your pooch some water and kibble.

28. A modern house for the dog that reads Dwell.

29. Another housing option for the dog who would prefer to subscribe to Coastal Living.

30. PoochLight leashes and collars are ideal for people that live in areas without sidewalks.

31. Your dog's legs may be too short to walk around all day, but they still want to come: backpack him.

32. Turn dinner time into a challenge with this slow feeder.

33. You've got your phone and an umbrella and a fragrant bag of poop... how are you going to hold a leash? Get Lishinu.

It's a retractable dog leash that you can fasten around your wrist.

"Now use that free hand to carry a few treats. Woof."

34. You bought yourself an electric blanket, now you need to go get your dog this heating pad.

35. Most dogs only eat once a day, and that one meal should be luxurious: this bowl helps set the mood.

36. Dogs just adore showing off their tongues: this toy lets them show off those mouth muscles even when they're playing or chewing.

37. PrideBites Blankets are the best blankets (because you can emblazon them with your dog's name and face).

Plus they're washable and breathable (to prevent overheating).

38. Your dog is your best friend and he wants you to enjoy a nice bottle of beer: let him help you out with this dog collar (it comes with a bottle opener).

39. The Odin: a dog toy that engages your pet mentally and physically.

40. Don't leave your pet shivering in a corner of the tent: buy them this dog sleeping bag ASAP.

*You* wouldn't go camping without one, don't make *them*.

41. And if you really, REALLY want to up your dog's camping game, get them their own personal tent!