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37 Things You Never Knew You Needed For Your Desk

Who's about to have the coolest desk ever? Y-O-U.

1. A balloon pin house that Carl Fredricksen would appreciate.

2. A whole solar system of erasers.

3. A completely fucking awesome set of pencils for writing shit down.

4. An organizer to make paying your bills a bit more bearable.

There's twelve sections (for each month of the year).

Get it from Paperchase for $14.25.

5. A sloth notebook to write in verrryyyyyyyyy slooooooooooly.

6. A set of eight pens that look like they belong at a confectionary.

Get them from Amazon for $7.49.

7. And a set of pens that'll make you want to start saving up for a trip to paris.

Get them from Amazon for $8.99.

8. A calendar that will inspire you to read more in 2017.

9. The only cell phone holder on earth that you'd want to snuggle up with.

10. A wall-mounted organizer to corral clips, rubber bands, tacks, and other small accessories.

11. A print depicting iconic foods from The Office: from pretzels to mixed berry yogurt.

12. A pocket knife that'll come in handy during desk-side luncheons.

13. A ~reinvention~ of the classic lined notebook.

Maybe you'll be inspired to be more creative due to the different formations of lines on every page.

Get one from Designboom for $12.

14. A leaf-shaped pen that also makes a fine bookmark.

15. A strawberry-shaped mouse that'll plug into Apple or PC computers via a USB cord.

16. Colorful geometric-print adhesive point tabs to help you mark important passages in reports (or textbooks).

17. A bronze pencil holder that'll keep your desk organized *and* pretty damn fancy.

18. A rubber doughnut with push pin sprinkles.

19. A whale of a good stapler.

20. A tissue dispenser that'll make you smile even when you have a cold.

21. A family of birds who would rather feast on rubber bands or paper clips than worms.

22. A print of Fox Mulder's office to hang up in *your* office.

23. Pads of butter to write on (rather than slather on).

24. A set for playing a few rousing rounds of desktop croquet.

25. A fluffy exercise ball desk chair that's sure to be the envy of everyone who sits in your section of the office.

26. A pencil holder that'll get the John Lennon song stuck in your head.

27. A fox who'll detach his tail so you can use it as a pen.

28. A fold-down desk that's perfect for not-so-spacious home offices.

29. A retro landline phone with push buttons and a metallic copper finish.

30. A notebook that's practically perfect in every way.

31. A weekly planner pad for cataloging all your poor choices.

32. A tablet case you can doodle on.

33. A rubber eraser that'll allow you to "Gogh and erase your mistakes."

34. A puzzle calendar you can arrange (and rearrange) whenever the mood strikes.

35. Adorable pens for the cat moms (and dads) of the world.

36. A topographic cork board shaped like the United States.

37. And a bendy, Bluetooth, water and dust-proof keyboard.

Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

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