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31 Incredibly Awesome Things You Never Knew You Needed For Your Bathroom

The smallest room in your house can also be the ~coolest~ room in your house.

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1. A pillow for people who like to spend a loooooooooong time soaking in the tub after a hard day.

It's made with open-air fibers to help it dry quickly (so it doesn't get mildewy).

Get it from Amazon for $19.


10. A bottle of soap to serve as a reminder for people who may be a little lax about the whole "washing your hands after you touch your junk" thing.


23. A folding laundry center with an ironing board, an iron rest, two hampers, and a hanging bar.

The hampers can easily be removed from the base to carry over to the machine when you're ready wash them.

Get it from Amazon for $82.22.

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