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21 Amazing Gifts Anyone Who's Always Cold Would Love To Receive

Stop your timbers from shivering.

1. A warming backrest pillow to use when you're reading (or watching Netflix) in bed.

2. A fleece-lined skirt that you can also use as a cape or a blanket.

3. A scarf with built-in pockets.

Sequins or unicorn: Take your pick.

Price: $88 or $24.99

4. A mat that will keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower.

5. A heated toilet seat.

6. And a warming bin for your towels.

7. A wearable sleeping bag.

8. A snuggly faux-fur beanbag.

9. Mittens covered with 💎💎💎💎.

10. A warming heart pillow to hunker down with on a cold day.

11. Heated insoles to slip into your shoes.

They're rechargeable and will last for around four winters.

Price: $79.99

12. And fleece socks to make rubber boots more cushy.

13. A hand warmer that can recharge your phone.

14. And yeti hand warmers to use while you're at work.

15. The cutest bathrobe you've ever seen.

16. A space heater that's only 7 inches tall.

17. A wrap-around hot water bottle.

It'll stay warm for up to eight hours (that's longer than the first season of Master of None).

Price: $53.19

18. Slippers that will turn you into a robot.

They make noise when you walk!

(Don't worry — you can turn of the sound when you're feeling inconspicuous.)

Price: $29.99

19. A pouch to warm up your pajamas before you go to bed at night.

20. A pair of headphones that will protect your ears from the cold.

21. And a pair of mittens with a hidden flask.

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