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21 Amazing Gifts Anyone Who's Always Cold Would Love To Receive

Stop your timbers from shivering.

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1. A warming backrest pillow to use when you're reading (or watching Netflix) in bed.

This overachieving lounging device will also give you a massage, hold your cup, provide you with light to read by, and support your back.

Price: $129.99

2. A fleece-lined skirt that you can also use as a cape or a blanket.

Of course you'll need to put on *another* skirt if you want to turn it into a cape (unless you're down with frolicking around without pants).

Price: $19.90


4. A mat that will keep your feet warm when you get out of the shower.

Your toes will be so thankful they don't have to make contact with the tile (and you'll be wiping up the wet floor as you scoot around).

Price: $59