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    27 Of The Cutest DIY Projects You've Ever Seen

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. So. Cute.

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    1. Or crochet a petite snowy owlet.

    2. Form some bunny bowls out of air dry clay.

    3. Transform a mail tube into a giant pencil piggybank.

    4. Or paint up some pencil sneakers.

    5. Sew a felt raccoon friend you'll want to take with you wherever you go.

    6. Embroider a piece of wall art featuring a merry jellyfish who would *never* want to (intentionally) sting you.

    7. Or make a few itsy bitsy embroideries you can wear around your neck.

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    8. Stitch on bead "sprinkles" to make colorful fairy bread patches.

    9. Use a fork to make a family of fuzzy pompom critters.

    10. Festoon your room with a paper paintbrush garland.

    11. Turn your driveway into an art gallery with chalk and a mandala stencil.

    12. Or use stencils to make a tote your cat will *definitely* honor with a regal "meow."

    13. Decorate your couch with pillows shaped like giant animal cookies.

    14. Showcase a few snapshots in DIY penguin frames.

    15. Take a pineapple upside down cake out of the oven with DIY oven mitts shaped like pineapples.

    16. Construct a robot who's even more lovable than WALL*E.

    17. Crochet a cupcake hat that will warm your head *and* your heart.

    18. Store an array of desk doodads in boxes with sizable noses.

    19. Add a faux-taxidermy fox head to your wall.

    20. Make a fried egg costume that's *so* comfy you'll want to wear it on a daily basis.

    21. Play a game of catch with a roly-poly robin.

    22. String together a necklace using delicious-looking doughnut beads.

    23. Sew a nautical octopus plush with button eyes and rosy cheeks.

    24. Learn how to embroider with a sloth-making kit that's perfect for beginners.

    25. Crochet a family of jellies to hang in an ocean-themed nursery.

    26. Store your pins in a sweet DIY deer with a high pain threshold.

    27. Transform soda bottles into planters that look like cats.

    Happy cute-ing! Excuse me, CRAFTING.

    Happy crafting.

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