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    This Evil Prank Birthday Card Will Play Music For Hours Unless You Destroy It

    This is the song that quite literally never ends.

    Brothers Travis and Nick Peterson have designed a truly diabolical musical birthday card: Once it starts playing, it won't stop for at least three hours.

    Nick and Travis Peterson

    It won't stop until the battery dies, or the receiver manages to destroy it. So cruel.

    The whole idea began when Nick and Travis were discussing how much they hated musical cards.

    Nick and Travis Peterson

    "Nick claims to be the first to say, 'What if it played forever?'" Travis told BuzzFeed Life, "but I actually went searching for someone to manufacture the card and did all the leg work."

    The brothers are funding the hilarious idea on Kickstarter, already raising well more than their original $7,500 goal and becoming a Kickstarter staff pick.

    "The Joker Card" arrives in safe mode so the sender can sign it without the music going off. An activation tab has to be pulled before it's placed into the envelope. Once the receiver pushes the play button, it won't stop for hours.

    Nick and Travis Peterson

    After pressing play, the unlucky recipient will be forced to listen to "Happy Birthday" over and over again until the card's battery dies... or they destroy it.

    To make it even more evil, if you press the button again to try and stop the music, the volume just increases.

    When pressed repeatedly, the music will eventually rise four times in volume.

    When it comes to destroying the card, it's easier said than done: This one is still playing after being submerged in a bucket of water. Twice.

    View this video on YouTube

    The creators, who live in Southern California, told BuzzFeed Life it took them six months to perfect the prototype.

    View this video on YouTube

    Travis said he struggled to find a company who understood the concept and kept being warned away from trying to do something music-related. Eventually, they found a manufacturer to do the job.

    The cards are still being funded so aren't yet available, but they're expected to ship in July.

    Nick and Travis Peterson

    The brothers said if they raise enough money, they hope to eventually make annoying cards for Christmas, weddings, graduations, and other events. So you have that to look forward to.

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