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43 Of The Most Amazing Gifts Of 2016

Find something for everyone on your list.

Note: This is the 2016 guide. You don't want that. You want the 2017 guide! Find it here.

It's no fun to look at gifts if they're all sold out. Nope, not helpful. Not helpful at all.

1. Coloring books filled with Disney princesses or animals or villains.

2. A magical contraption that both wakes you up in the morning *and* brews a fresh cup of tea for you to sit up and drink immediately.

3. A peacoat that'll keep you feeling toasty *and* fashionable (the perfect combination).

4. A cookbook for anyone who has dreamed of trying the "I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings" or the "Bruschetta-Bout-It" burgers from their favorite TV show.

5. Rosy resin stacking rings filled with gold flake.

6. A top-rated cold brew carafe for A+ motivation to wake up in the morning.

7. A special Q&A journal that will become you and your S.O.’s daily tradition for the next three years.

8. A matching set of tees for the mother-daughter duo that loves pizza.

9. A silicone mat to help you get each and every bristle of your makeup brushes nice and clean.

10. An upcycled wool pincushion that doesn’t mind being poked whatsoever.

11. A color-changing umbrella that transforms when water is present.

12. Molds that will ensure the journey to the dark side is anything but dull.

13. The official cookbook of what is arguably the best cooking show on TV

14. A spoon that’s simply ~*~magic~*~.

15. A Swanson-inspired cutting board that encourages only one type of protein.

16. An amp doormat you can personalize with any name.

17. A lunch bag for anyone who gets a little wolfish when their noon meeting runs too far into lunch.

18. Bread-shaped trivets that will protect your table and look so damn cute at the same time.

19. A necklace customized to look like a piece of children's artwork.

20. A bottle of hand soap that says exactly what’s on your mind when someone reaches in for a handshake.

21. A throw pillow from the Chandler Bing therapy couch.

22. A scratch-off world map that will reveal its colors over the years.

23. A pan for making an emoji-shaped breakfast.

24. A fanciful skirt outfitted with 250 tiny LED lights so you can become a constellation IRL.

25. An instructional T-shirt.

26. A cheery bib to keep a sloth-loving toddler’s clothes clean during dinner time.

27. A personalized nameplate choker.

28. Star Trek family car decals to show which lifeforms are on board.

29. A custom cuddle toy that looks just like your dog.

Get it from Flat Bonnie on Etsy for $65.

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30. Flower measuring spoons to add a little bit of sunshine to your cooking.

31. A personalized cake key ring that Hagrid made for you himself.

32. A bluetooth speaker that looks like it just landed from space.

33. A stub diary to keep your wallet from overflowing with tickets you don’t have the heart to throw away.

34. A bag for your junk.

35. A wall-mounted hair dryer holder so you can style without lifting a finger.

36. An ice cream cone trinket dish that holds a quintuple scoop of rings.

37. A recipe book that’ll teach your friend how to cure (your) hangovers.

38. A delicate serotonin molecule necklace.

39. A clip-on pod that syncs to your phone and measures pace, distance, and more.

40. Tiny animal erasers that are almost too cute to use.

41. A make-your-own-hot-sauce kit, for a spicy date night in.

42. Next-level crayons that are as fun to play with as they are to color with.

43. A scarf to scare chatty folks away.