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27 Tiny Houses You Can Actually Stay In


1. A cozy A-frame in Cazadero, California

Your own little triangle situated in the midst of the mighty redwoods (and only 45 minutes away from San Francisco). Light a fire, grab a book, and snuggle up in that inviting nook of a bedroom.

Cost: $135 per night

Book here.

2. A little pink house in Portland, Oregon

It's like Barbie's Dream House come to life! This slice of pink perfection is situated within walking distance of a ton of awesome bars, restaurants, and coffeehouses. Plus, while it's small, thanks to a pull-out couch it accommodates four people.

Cost: $120 per night

Book here.

3. A secluded treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia

This treehouse is made up of three antique-filled rooms connected by rope bridges and it's (surprisingly) located within the city limits of Atlanta. Wake up to the sound of twittering birds and then head out for a day in the city.

Cost: $350 per night

Book here.

4. A modern cabin in Boise, Idaho

After having a drink on this modern cabin's redwood deck, go inside and climb up to the meditation studio to relax even further. The ladder you need to climb to reach the studio (and bedroom) is pretty darn steep, so this tiny house is best suited for relatively spry houseguests.

Cost: $68 per night

Book here.

5. A geodesic dome cabin in Aptos, California

This quirky cabin sits on 10 acres of land for you to explore with your dog — pets are allowed! Be sure to check out the "Hummingbird Airport" on the property, where you'll see fleets of Anna and Rufus hummingbirds grabbing a snack.

Cost: $110 per night

Book here.

6. The Tree Sparrow House in Cornwall, England (United Kingdom)

This giant birdhouse boasts both sea and countryside views: You can gaze out the window at Falmouth Bay and the fields and orchards of Tregaminion. Want to put your feet in the surf? You can walk to the beach in about 10 minutes.

Cost: $153 per night

Book here.

7. Music City's tiny house in Nashville

Staying in "Nashville's tiniest fully equipped guest house" is a unique way to take a vacation. After exploring the city, you can hang out inside or roast some marshmallows in the fire pit outdoors.

Cost: $109 per night

Book here.

8. A tower in Tuoro sul Trasimeno, Umbria (Italy)

This tower (a restored stable) features views of beautiful Lake Trasimeno: Unwind in your own private garden with a glass of wine and enjoy.

Cost: $79 per night

Book here.

9. A small house on stilts in Florence, Tuscany (Italy)

Once you ascend the stairs of this treehouse, you'll never want to climb back down. There's a heater and an air conditioner, so it's perfect for the summer or winter months, and it's impeccably designed (the owners also run a design shop in the city, so it's no surprise).

Cost: $282 per night

Book here.

10. A micro dwelling in the branches in Huétor de Santillán, Andalusia (Spain)

This one isn't for those afraid of heights: You have to cross a hanging bridge to venture inside! Once you make it, burrow into that bed, and peer out the window at the Sierra Mountains in the distance. You made it.

Cost: $34 per night

Book here.

11. A lovely casita in Portland

Bright on the outside, light and airy on the inside (the dog you see in the first picture is Jerry, "the welcome pooch.")

Cost: $95 per night

Book here.

12. A unique cob cottage on Mayne Island, British Columbia (Canada)

Do you like the environment? This cottage is built with natural, sustainable materials. Do you like cute animals? There are sheep that live on the property!

Cost: $115 per night

Book here.

13. A "doll house" in Paris, Île-de-France (France)

This itsy bitsy Parisian house is surrounded by larger buildings on every side (just like the house in Up.)

Cost: $107 per night

Book here.

14. A charming shotgun cottage in New Orleans

Fun fact: A "shotgun" house is one that is no more than 12-feet wide — like this little guy! It may be a tiny residence, but it still has all the amenities (including a jacuzzi tub.)

Cost: $150 per night

Book here.

15. A rainforest treehouse in Cooper, Alajuela (Costa Rica)

This handcrafted treehouse is located in the middle of a rainforest reserve with cool (ooooh) and hot (aaaah) springs. Pray for sloth sightings.

Cost: $85 per night

Book here.

16. A rustic tiny house in Portland

Here's a tiny house with legit tiny house street cred: It was featured on the TV show Tiny House Nation. Almost every component of the residence is made with reclaimed materials (read through the listing to learn about every eclectic component.)

Cost: $125 per night

Book here.

17. The Jack Sparrow house in Cornwall, England (United Kingdom)

Why is this delightfully odd little dollop of a cottage referred to as the Jack Sparrow house? The reasoning is unclear, but perhaps it's because of its location by Falmouth Bay...a pirate does need to set up shop by the sea, after all. Bring your own rum.

Cost: $153 per night

Book here.

18. A lovely shepherd's hut in Bury, England (United Kingdom)

After you spend a weekend (or a week) in this sweet mint-green hut, you'll never want to leave and you'll never want to go back to "large" house living. Tiny all the way.

Cost: $115 per night

Book here.

19. A dreamy treehouse in San Salvatore Monferrato, Allesandria (Italy)

A "suspended nest" with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Italian countryside.

Cost: $135 per night

Book here.

20. A bucolic scout cabin in Lier, Buskerud (Norway)

Get your water from a stream! Cook by wood stove! Read by candle light! This is the place for people who truly want to get off the grid.

Cost: $33 per night

Book here.

21. A silo studio in Tyringham, Massachusetts

You'll feel like you're living in a fantasy story after checking in to this picturesque former sculpting studio located on the Santarella Estate.

Cost: $225 per night

Book here.

22. A quiet house on the bay in Olympia, Washington

Try out tiny living during a beachfront getaway to this petite cottage mere moments away from downtown Olympia — maybe by the end of your stay you'll decide that you want to make a tiny house of your own!

Cost: $100 per night

Book here.

23. A quaint hut in Pentridge, England (United Kingdom)

Venture to a small village in Dorset to find this miniature gem of a hideaway. If you had a horse, you'd be tempted to hitch him up to this hut, grease up the wheels, and hit the road!

Cost: $115 per night

Book here.

24. The Fern Forest Treehouse in Lincoln, Vermont

Become one with nature in this awesome cubbyhole of a cabin located near Mt. Abraham and the Green Mountain Natural Forest. If you spend your days hiking, you can spend the night soaking your weary bones in the hot tub.

Cost: $149 per night

Book here.

25. A beachy bungalow in Point Roberts, Washington

If you are straight-up sick of the city, brighten your outlook with an escape to this brightly colored bungalow. You can go kayaking or canoeing, whale watching or tide pooling...yup, you'll be cheery again in no time.

Cost: $89 per night

Book here.

26. A treetop abode in Petaluma, California

Become one with the birds in this treehouse situated 30 feet up a eucalyptus tree. Stand on the porch, survey the glorious vineyard views, and eagerly await watching the sun set from your perch in the sky.

Cost: $175 per night

Book here.

27. The Dog House in Pai, Mae Hong Son (Thailand)

For once, you'll actually *want* to be in the dog house. This is undoubtedly the quirkiest tiny house on the list, from the dog bone doorknobs to the dog-bed-style bed frame. The garden path is even shaped like paw prints!

Cost: $63 per night

Book here.

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