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    These Impossibly Tiny Books Will Make You Feel Things

    It's too bad that mice don't know how to read.

    Evan Lorenzen is a Denver based illustrator and designer who makes books.

    Very, very small ones.

    Lorenzen began book binding when he was in college, but on a much larger scale than his current micro creations.

    "I started making tiny books because I was getting frustrated at the time it took me to draw larger, highly-detailed images," Lorenzen tells BuzzFeed Life.

    "The little books were a way to do an array of drawings without spending weeks creating them."

    Each book is bound together using vintage thread and a sewing needle.

    After he finishes binding the book, the drawing process begins.

    "My whole goal has been to get as small as I can without the use of any magnifying instrument in the making process," Lorenzen explained.

    Eventually he hopes to publish some of the books so they can be purchased and enjoyed in-person by a larger audience.

    For now, you can view all of his miniature creations at his website.