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35 Cheap And Ingenious Ways To Have The Best Classroom Ever

You'll wish you knew about these organization and decoration ideas sooner.

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2. Save your ears! Cover chair feet with tennis balls.

Just cut a hole and pop 'em on.


5. Ikea's Tolsby frames are great for making signs to set up around the classroom.

...and they only cost $0.99.

Want some more inspiration? Click here to see how other teachers have used the frames.


8. Or use them to keep track of pencils that need to be sharpened.

Get the free printable label to cover the can here.

10. Use wooden paint stirrers to break a shelf of books up into several sections.

Here's hoping that everyone remembers to put the books back where they came from.


12. Make a sign to keep track of papers without a name.

They can hang from the clothespins until someone claims them.

13. Buy plastic bracelets at a dollar store and use them when you need students to break up into groups.

This teacher has her class draw the bracelets from a fun monster-shaped pouch, but you could just use a bag or a box.

Learn more at Ms. Fultz's Corner.

15. Use crates to make a supply station for each group of desks.

Each week a different student could be in charge of keeping it organized.


16. Use carabiners to hang up backpacks.

They *always* slip off the hooks; this will keep them up off the floor.

17. Glue magazine holders together to make a homework organizer.

Or mailboxes.

19. Use contact paper to give yourself a snazzier desk.

20. Or to save your shelves from getting all banged up.

23. Have a spare Ikea Kallax shelf hanging around the house? Turn it into a bench.

The shelf you see above is actually an Expedit shelf, but they're no longer being produced. That's OK! The Kallax is pretty much the same thing.

Learn more at Refresh Living.


25. Turn book dust jackets into a banner to hang in your classroom library.

Dust jackets are a pain for little kids to deal with, so many teachers end up just taking them off. This is a fun way to put them to use.

Learn more at Kinder-Craze.

27. Have a hard time finding the right workbook when you need it? Organize them by subject.

Magazine holders = life savers.


28. Manage your student's library books with a specially designated bin.

Get the free printable label here.

30. Stick Command hooks to the sides of desks and use them to hang supplies.

Or lunch bags.


32. Push two filing cabinets together to make a magnet board.

You could attach the fabric and borders using double stick tape.

33. Eliminate door crowding by adding "line up" stickers to your floor.

Well, *attempt* to eliminate doorway crowding.

34. Use a cookie pan to make a "Where We Are" board.

Each student will have a magnet with their name on it and whenever they need to leave the classroom, they'll move their magnet to the place they're heading off to.