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24 Perfect Prints For People Who Love Books

Hang these up on your wall and then get back to reading.

1. "The Unusual Child" print by Gemma Correll

2. "A Practical Guide to Spells and Wizardry" print by Nate Duval

3. "Superhero Reader Girl" print by Irena Sophia

4. "Devour Books" print by Cuddlefish Press

5. "Snacks of the Great Scribblers" print by Wendy MacNaughton

6. "Storytellers" print by Maxim Cyr

7. "All Quiet in the Library" print by Emma Block

8. "I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie" print by Teacup Piranha

9. "Baudelaires in the Library" print by Brett Helquist

10. "I Saw Her in the Library" print by The Black Apple

11. "Bird Reader" print by Chris Silas Neal

12. "Ideal Bookshelf 629" print by Jane Mount

13. "Unchained" print by Obvious State

14. "Choose Your Own Adventure" print by Kevin Mercer

15. "Harriet the Spy" by Lauren Gregg

16. "A Plotting of Fiction Genres" print by Pop Chart Lab

17. "Books Were His Favourite Way To Escape" print by Marc Johns

18. "Polka Dots in the Strand" print by Sophie Blackall

19. "Shakespeare & Co." print by Raphaella Martelino

20. "The Reader" print by Yelena Bryksenkova

21. "Virginia Woolf" print by Judy Kaufmann

22. "A House Without Books" print by Minalima

23. "Foods of Harry Potter" print by Roaring Softly

24. "Read Instead" print by Erik Heywood