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26 Cool Things You Can Now Get With Free Shipping

Because paying for shipping is THE WORST.

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You can drop $50 on a dress and not blink, but spending $6.75 for shipping? It burns. Spring is a site that’ll soothe that burn like sweet, sweet aloe.

You’ll find hunnnnnndreds of brands at Spring — Everlane! Clinique! Ann Taylor! — and while you *could* just shop from the brand’s own sites, why would you want to when Spring offers free shipping (and free returns)?

Beat the system.

Here are some of the awesome things you can find there right now:


10. Cards that'll help teach toddlers about colors, fruits, and vegetables.

The sturdy cards come attached to a ring you can snap onto a shopping cart, bag, or stroller.

Get them for $12.95 and see everything else available from Wee Gallery here.

12. A floral passport holder that'll make you want to book a trip out of the country ASAP.

Not that you didn't already want to do that, but this will just make you want to jet off even more.

Get it for $24 and see everything else available from here.