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28 Ridiculously Amazing Products That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Add some things that you’ll actually use to your wish list.

Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most useful things they own. Here are some of their insanely helpful suggestions:

1. A tiny Crock-Pot you can take on the go.

"My parents gave me a lunch Crock-Pot for my birthday a few years ago. It doesn't cook anything, but it reheats soups, stews, leftovers, and such. I use it at least three times a week in the office and I don't have to wait for the microwave like everyone else—it's amazing!"


Buy one here for $24.99.

2. A rubber bristled broom.

"I have four cats and (I swear to god) this gets fur out of carpets better than a carpet shampooer or vacuum"

—Claire Walliker, Facebook

Buy one here for $19.99.

3. Amazon's voice command Echo device.

"Ever since I got it, I never have to touch light switches, manually set up music, check a weather app, look at the time, or so much more. Literally, you just have to ask and it'll get a task done. It's like having a very very, very early version of Tony Stark's Jarvis. Coolest thing ever."

—Dira Wirengjurit, Facebook

Buy one here for $179.99.

4. A cup that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours and hours.

"I've used my Yeti cup almost every day since I bought it over a year ago."


Buy one here for $29.99.

5. A pair of ICEtrekkers to keep you from falling or slipping on the ice.

"In winter I can walk my dogs (no matter the weather) and never fall: even when no other human will venture outside after ice storms. I had my initial pair for two years, just purchased my second, and I will never be without them again."

—Elizabeth Gray, Facebook

Buy some here for $41.95.

6. A white noise machine to help you get some quality shuteye.

"It helps block out noise from the airport I live close to (along with loud neighbors and the usual traffic noises). For a light sleeper, it's a godsend!"

—Ryan McLaughlin Gibson, Facebook

Buy one here for $40.79.

7. A luggage scale with a hook to make packing so much easier.

"You just hook it around the handle on your suitcase and hang it in your hand to weigh it. Now I don't have to cross my fingers the whole way to the airport and worry about my suitcase being over 50 pounds!"


Buy one here for $11.49.

8. A waterproof speaker for your shower.

"I use it every morning and it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day!"


Get one here for $99.99.

9. A mattress that's as comfy as it is inexpensive.

Buying a mattress can be a pain in the ass (especially if you don't have a vehicle): Casper is a mail order company that makes the process so much easier (plus, their mattresses ship for free and can be returned for any reason for up to 100 days).

Suggested by Alissa Meister, Facebook.

Buy one here (prices range from $500 to $950).

10. A handheld steamer to de-wrinkle your clothes.

"I hate ironing and haven't had to for 2 years ever since I bought my steamer!"


Buy one here for $29.99.

11. A phone charger extension cord.

"Now I never have to sit next to the wall when I'm charging my phone at home, school, or the airport."


Buy one here for $9.49.

12. A fabric groomer or shaver to make your fuzzy old clothes look new again.,

"It's brought a new lease of life into clothes I would have otherwise donated!"


You buy a super cheap hand-powered one here for $6.42 or spend a bit more on this battery operated model for $28.49.

13. A large standing fan you can control with a remote.

"When my first fan (Appliance God rest his soul) died after 9 years of stellar service, I paid the extra 7 bucks to get one with a remote. With the old one, I jabbed at the buttons with a backscratcher, but now I just press the button on the remote and *beep* fresh air!"

—Maria Brejner, Facebook

Buy one here for $42.95.

14. Bed risers with built-in electrical outlets.

"They make dorm life hella easier."


Beyond college students, these are great for teenagers... or anyone who' d enjoy having some extra storage space beneath their bed (and an easy way to charge up their phone).

Buy some here for $29.99.

15. A handy dandy sewing machine.

"Torn or ripped pants? Fix them. Don't like your pillows? Make some. Need something re-sized? Tailor it. I love my sewing machine!"


Buy an inexpensive machine (that's good for beginners) here for $131.48.

16. A heated mattress pad to make your bed even cozier.

"My husband and I have been able to survive this far into fall without using our heat thanks to this thing! Turn it on when you start your bedtime routine, then curl up into gloriously warm blankets for an amazing sleep. Every single night we say how happy we are to have bought it."


Buy one here for $59.99.

17. A second Keurig machine for an at-home office.

"I have a second Keurig in my home office to protect my carpets from my clumsy self carrying coffee from the kitchen all the way through the house, up the stairs, and to my desk. Also, if you shop right it's 50-70 cents a cup: way less than I was spending when I was buying grounds for a normal machine and making a whole pot to get my 1-2 cups a day (plus, my husband and I like different coffee types)."

—Jennifer King, Facebook

Buy one here for $119.99.

18. An ergonomic crochet hook holder.

They'll help you crochet without pain, fatigue, or irritation.

Suggested by loric3.

Buy a set here for $19.90.

19. An easy-to-use home laminator.

"It makes all projects and paperwork look amazing. Bonus: Laminate a checklist and use a dry erase marker to check things off—erase and repeat at the end of the day!"


Buy one here for $30.59.

20. A handheld tool that lets you use seven different types of saws.

The easiest way to get professional grade cuts at home (just watch out for your fingers).

Suggested by monnak.

Buy one here for $155.

21. A travel mug with a built-in tea infuser.

"This is an amazing tea travel mug. It has an infuser in it (that works for tea bags and loose leaf) and keeps my tea warm for hours. It was a godsend when I worked outside for hours every day in the winter, and I still have a cup of tea on my desk constantly. You can even cap the infuser inside the mug so your tea doesn't over-steep."

—Liz Wilsker, Facebook

Buy one here for $31.49.

22. A speaker that goes under your pillow.

"I can't sleep without listening to nature documentaries, but trying to sleep with earbuds was hurting my ears and getting me tangled up in wires. Buying a speaker was money well spent."

—Sullie Kovac, Facebook

Buy one here for $59.99.

23. A case that holds your phone as well as your credit cards.

"I never have to bring my purse when I'm running errands anymore!"


Buy one here for $37.50.

24. A small Shark rechargeable vacuum.

"It's honestly better than most big vacuums and it's so light; I use it every day. I'm a stay at home mom with two toddlers and three cats, so I have a lot to pick up and it does the job. It gets dust and cat hair out of our carpet *so* well that it kind of grosses me out!"

—Kimmi Tyler, Facebook

Buy one here for $33.17.

25. A device to help you stop snoring.

"I have a Mute made by Rhinomed. It goes in your nose and opens up your airway. I LOVE it and even wear it during the day sometimes because the extra oxygen helps keep me awake."

—Danielle Clearwater, Facebook

Buy one here for $27.95.

26. A dryer made specifically for boots.

"I throw my wet boots on it after work, and the next morning they are dry and toasty warm."


Buy one here for $19.98.

27. A multitool to keep you prepared for anything.

"I bought mine around 10 years ago and I use it just about every day. Between my Surge and my flashlight, I'm ready for the zombies."

—Tracy Sanders, Facebook

Buy one here for $109.99.

28. And a timer for your electronic devices

"I use it for my electric blanket, but it could also be used for a straightener or anything else you plug in. You can set something to turn on and off at the same time every day. You can also get ones that just stay on for a set amount of time. It's a time saver, worry saver, money saver... I love it!"

—Katy Marlowe Bannerman, Facebook

Buy one here for $8.51.

The comments for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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