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31 Products Under $15 That Are Basically Already In Your Shopping Cart

Of course I need some Goonies playing cards and a cat-shaped bottle opener. Who doesn't?

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A coloring book for anyone who would like to hop in a time machine and zippity-zap-zap their way back to the ’90s.

2. A set of two family tree posters that would make a wonderful anniversary or baby shower gift.

3. A brush designed for cleaning tall glasses.

4. A shimmering bowl to scoop your cereal out of each morn.

5. A handheld, dishwasher-safe spiralizer for anyone who's finally deciding to see what all the fuss about zoodles is about.

6. A glittery tape dispenser shaped like an elegant flamingo.

7. Pencils with a recommendation.

8. A set of plastic cutters for preparing absolutely adorable bento box scenes.

9. A "cap and mouse" bottle opener to use the next time you pop open a cold one.

10. A candle for caffeine addicts.

11. A family of ghost pens that are even friendlier than Casper.

12. A reading log for bookworm kids and their bookworm parents.

13. Macaron-shaped soaps that look good enough to eat (although you TOTALLY should not do that).

14. A book of oh-so-handy postcards for people who tend to have a hard time communicating.

15. A guide to wilderness survival (in case it comes to that).

16. A holder for kids whose little hands can't quite handle grasping all their cards for a full round of rummy.

17. Plus some Goonies-themed cards to go with the holder.

18. A cotton tea towel you'll go bananas for.

19. Mats to stop wet, dirty shoes from completely ruining your floor.

20. Dreamy ombré checklist pads that are almost (*almost*) too pretty to write on.

21. A panda planter to hold a few stalks of bamboo.

22. Lid covers that'll prevent drinks from spilling and keep out dust or overly-curious bugs.

23. A mushroom-cleaning brush with bristles sturdy enough to remove dirt, but delicate enough to keep your 'shrooms from getting too beat up before you even start to prepare them.

24. A stick-on device to make your trash smell less like the bowels of some horrific beast and more like lemon and verbena.

25. A plush neck pillow that looks like Eric Carle's iconic caterpillar with an appetite.

26. A deep-conditioning mask for people with long hair.

27. Soft squirrels and raccoons who won't give you rabies.

28. A white-sage-scented body wash made with organic coconut and jojoba oils.

29. A gardening kit that'll allow you to grow poppies right on your windowsill this spring.

30. Sparrow-shaped clips to make closing up a half-eaten bag of barbecue potato chips a more whimsical affair.

31. And a patch for freaked-out folks.

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