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We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

33 Two-In-One Products That Will Simplify Your Life

Here's to the overachievers.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A scarf with a hidden flask.

It will hold 8 ounces of your beverage of choice.

Get it here.

2. A stool that turns into a table.

...or a tray! You can lift the black piece off if you need to.

Get it here.

3. A water bottle with a built-in citrus juicer.

4. A strainer you can use as a bowl.

5. A planter you can wear as a necklace.

For when you're so fond of succulents that you can't bear to leave the house without one.

Get it here.

6. A bucket that turns into a watering can.

The Clippa puts all other hair clips to shame.

Get it here.

Who needs other people anyway?

Get it here.

Perfect for kids who tend to brush a little too quickly.

Get it here.

10. A tape dispenser you can use as a bulletin board.

The fact that it looks like a giant clothespin is just an added bonus.

Get it here.

12. A desk lamp with a built-in planter.

13. A barbecuing tool that includes a fork, spatula, and tongs.

14. A ring that's also a bottle opener.

15. A pencil that grows into a plant.

Don't throw it away after you've sharpened it down to a tiny stub: plant it!

Get it here.

16. A bracelet that charges your phone.

It will charge iPhone 5, 5s, 6, and 6+ models up to 60%.

Get it here.

17. A planter you can use as a desk.

18. A lightbulb that also functions as a speaker.

19. A toolbox that can power your tools.

For the baby on the go.

Learn more here.

21. A ring that turns into a saw.

It's an "escape ring" to help you saw through binds if you're tied up.

Get it here.

Don't go camping without one.

Get it here.

23. A hat with built-in headphones.

This beanie lets you listen to music and answer phone calls thanks to a Bluetooth receiver.

Get it here.

This thing is useful all year long, but it will be your BFF during the winter months.

Get it here.

25. A belt buckle that can strip wire, unscrew things, open bottles, and take measurements.

The Avo Shark will save you so much time if you make a lot of guacamole.

Get it here.

Everything you need in one compact package.

Get it here.

28. A spoon you can use as a stylus.

The perfect accessory for a flight: It won't take up any space in your carry-on bag!

Get it here.

30. A tent that transforms into a hammock *and* a poncho.

31. A trowel that doubles as a bottle opener.

Get them here.

33. A cup that's also a night-light.

The cup has a seal that will keep water fresh for several days.

Get it here.

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