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31 Clever Products To Organize Your Whole Life

Your clutter will soon be under their control.

1. Magnetic Bottle Holder

These insanely strong magnetic strips allow you to hang your beer from the ceiling of your fridge, freeing up space (plus it just looks cool).

Price: $38

Have a job that involves acquiring a ton of business cards? Install this little guy on your desk. Save a lot of recipes? Put one on your kitchen counter.

Price: $30

3. KeySmart Compact Key Organizer

Get rid of your bulky, Argus Filch-style key ring and condense your keys into one compact unit. Here's a video to show you how you attach them.

Price: $16.99

4. Album Genre Dividers

You can choose from over 50 different genres when you order your dividers: from blues to tropicália.

Price: $132

5. Clothespin Carrier$25/Cabina-Peg-holder/tpflypage.tpl.html$25/Cabina-Peg-holder/tpflypage.tpl.html

Attach this to your clothesline and your pins will always be within reach (plus they'll feel so fancy in their own little gondola).

Price: $18.99

6. Makeup Organizer With iPad Tray

A lifesaver for people who aren't skilled when it comes to applying makeup: You can watch a tutorial on YouTube as you go.

Price: $89.99

7. Remote Control Organizer

You've got a remote for your TV, your DVD player, your Wii... the list goes on and on. Stop letting them clutter up your coffee table and stick 'em in this thing.

Price: $17.99

8. Houses Necklace Display

Turn your necklaces into wall art and organize them at the same time with this adorable handmade village.

Price: $67

9. GRID-IT Accessory Organizer and Tablet Pocket

A case for your tablet featuring a front constructed with woven elastic. Tuck all of your accessories under the various elastic straps, slip it into your bag, and hit the road (or the sky — this would be perfect to include in your carry-on luggage).

Price: $23.56

10. Motorized Tie Rack

It's like Cher's rotating closet in Clueless...only for ties.

Price: $59.99

11. Memo Clips

If you have a lot of things to remember, let these guys help you out.

Price: $5.85

12. Spatula and Whisk Bookends

The perfect way to keep your cookbooks in order (also available in pink).

Price: $64

13. Coffee Pod Holder

These plastic drawers hold up to 36 K-Cups.

Price: $34.99

14. Flower and Owl Scarf Hangers

Keep your scarves all nicely situated using these sweet hangers.

Price: $8.49 for the flower, $14.99 for the owl

15. Cooler Tote|CategoryProductList|880807p

If you put a few bags of groceries in an otherwise empty trunk, they're bound to tip over and send food rolling all over the place — not with this tote. Simply place your bags in the two side compartments and tuck any frozen or refrigerated goods into the center cooler.

Price: $19.99

16. Rack Tool Holder

Unless you're a hardcore handyman, you probably don't need an enormous tool bench: One compact rack like this one will do the trick. There are plenty of hooks and openings for tools, plus a few compartments to leave nails and screws in.

Price: $6.56

17. Wall-Mounted Bag and Sock House

Give your plastic bags and socks a nice place to "live": Lift off the roof and drop them in the top. An easy storage solution.

Price: $23.99

18. Hanging Laundry Bag

Why leave a laundry bag on the floor when you could hang it on a door?

Price: $38

19. Percy the Pencil Porcupine

Porcupines are a lot more lovable when they have colored pencil spines.

Price: $19

20. Cloudy Sponge Holder

Most sponge holders leave the sponge sitting in its own filth; this one lets all the water "rain" back into the sink.

Price: $13.99

21. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This "little black dress" has enough compartments and hooks to store even the largest jewelry collection. Hang it in your closet with your *actual* dresses, or simply hang it over a door.

Price: $19.99

22. Submarine Bathroom Organizer

Your toiletries all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine.

Price: $70

23. Space-Saving Shoe Rack

This shoe rack takes up one square foot of space, yet holds over 36 pairs of shoes. The boot version only holds eight pairs of boots, but who has more than eight pairs of boots? That's all you need.

Price: $39.95 for the shoe rack, $39.95 for the boot rack

24. Valet Coat Hook

A place for your bag, a place for your coat, a place for your phone, a place for your coffee: Yup! This has a place for everything you need to remember to grab on your way out the door.

Price: $162

25. The Organized Reader's Bookstand

Is the top of your nightstand completely overflowing with books? Why not get a nightstand that *is* a bookshelf?

Price: $199.95

26. Sod Drying Rack and Grassy Organizer

Being organized is grand, but somewhat dull; fun organizational accessories make the process more exciting.

Price: $140 for the drying rack, $8.99 for the organizer

27. Accordion Collator

This expands more and more and MORE as you get slammed with ever increasing amounts of paperwork. Depressing...but handy!

Price: $58

28. Refrigerator Note Organizer

Keep notes, bills, photos, and other important slips of paper organized on your fridge (or elsewhere) using this gripping gadget. When you use magnets, things end up falling down and fluttering away — not with this guy.

Price: $18.48

Don't leave them to roll around the garage aimlessly.

Price: $89.

30. Over-the-Door Towel Hooks

Because you love your significant other, but you don't want their grimy towel.

Price: $20.

31. The Mark Brothers Cable Labels

Undoubtably the cutest way to keep your cables organized.

Price: $15.99