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33 Desk Accessories That Will Make Your Day Better

Make your office a happier place.

1. Sloth Paper Clips

Use these sloths to keep your papers together or hang them from a "vine" on your bulletin board. Both options are equally adorable.

Price: $12

2. Beard Sticky Notes

Finish up the notes and "discover what is hidden beneath all that beard."

Price: $6

3. Critter Dusting Ball

Cleaning up the crumbs on your keyboard has never been cuter.

Price: $14

4. Dog Cable Ties

More of a cat person? They have those too!

Price: $10

5. Animal Mouse

Instead of a mouse, why not have a pig, chameleon, or squirrel?

Price: $50

6. Pizza Eraser Set

Can you bear to use them? That's the question (and it's a difficult one).

Price: $3

7. Toast Flash Drives

The toast of the town, I mean, your desk.

Price: $20

8. Construction Desk Organizers

Beep. Beep. Beep. BEEP.

Price: $13

9. Totem Boxes

Keeping things organized can be an incredibly delightful pursuit when you use containers like this.

Price: $33

10. Translucent Ghost Sticky Notes

They're see-through so you can underline words and passages without having to mark up your book. Such helpful ghosts!

Price: $10

11. Otter Tape Dispenser

Just look at that face! "Floating" on your desk; patiently awaiting the moment you need to tape something.

Price: $15

12. Rabbit Ear Memo Boards

Honestly: what computer monitor *wouldn't* be better if it had ears?

Price: $25

13. Zoo Erasers

Do you think they mind using their butts to fix your mistakes?

Price: $7

14. Key Pencil Sharpener

The key to having sharp pencils.

Price: $5

15. Eskimemo

What a catch!

Price: $24

16. Donotes

There's no better way to remind yourself to go buy a dozen doughnuts.

Price: $6

17. Spaceman USB Light

Flip his visor back and forth to turn him on or off.

Price: $20

18. Chameleon Tape Dispenser

Just rip off a little piece of his tongue when necessary. He feels no pain.

Price: $10

19. Barber Erasers

You may start to make mistakes intentionally to give yourself an excuse to "trim" their hair.

Price: $4

20. Memo Mountain

Turn your notes into a charming landscape.

Price: $16

21. Portable Bird Speaker

This little creature will "chirp" your music for you for up to six hours before you have to charge its batteries.

Price: $35

22. Campfire Pencil & Eraser

Can pencils get "s'more" cute than this? Nope! They surely can't.

Price: $15

23. Cat Tail Clip Bottle

"We'll get some paper clips for you. Meow. With our magnetic tails. Meow. Meow."

Price: $13

24. Palm Tree Pen

Maybe if you hold this pen and wish really, REALLY hard, you'll get zapped away from your desk and onto a tropical island. Maybe.

Price: $8

25. Pinocchio Pencil Sharpener

Sadly it appears that Pinocchio did not become a real boy; he just because a real(ly) useful desk accessory.

Price: $15

26. Retractable Pens

Are they animals? Are they pills? Does it matter? They're freaking delightful.

Price: $4

27. Giant Eraser Case

If you want an *actual* giant eraser, get one here.

Price: $18

28. Fruit Notepads

The "fruit" is paper, but the stems are real--seriously! That's attention to detail.

Price: $23

29. Woods Keyboard Notes

For "planting" reminders where you'll be sure to see them.

Price: $9

30. Bunny Desk Organizer

He'll cheer you up each and every time you need some scissors or a paper clip.

Price: $39

31. Nail Polish Highlighters

Will they work on your nails? It's worth a try.

Price: $12

32. Wind-Up Walking Pencil Puppy

Let your pencil wander around your desk even when you're not using it.

Price: $6

33. Kawaii Pastel Poop Pencil Sharpener

Is the poop emoji your favorite emoji? You need this.

Price: $2