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    34 Punny Valentines Perfect For Any Classroom

    Their class will be rolling in the aisles.

    1. Who could refuse an offer to be someone's "Valen-slime"?

    2. I think it's safe to say that "a hole lot" of people would be happy to receive these valentines.

    3. This printable + some rock candy = a rockin' valentine.

    4. You can never go wrong with Play-Doh.

    5. There's no one "whoo" wouldn't want to be this cute owl's valentine.

    6. "Beep boop beep" = the sound of these robots telling you to make them.

    7. These are "nacho" average valentines.

    8. These are sweet *and* a challenge.

    9. A shakeable valentine that sparkles? Wow... These are amazingly cool.

    10. A craft project for you and your child (making the crayons and the cards) along with your child's classmates (coloring in the card itself): Hurray for art!

    11. "I Need S'more Friends Like You!"

    12. Valentines that glow.

    13. Your kid will have the most "TOAD-ally awesome" cards in the class.

    14. This free printable card is the sweetest ("accordion" to anyone).

    15. Don't want the card to be so large? Do a bunch of acorn hands on one huge sheet of paper and then cut out each nut. You could write the "nuts about you!" message on the back of each acorn.

    16. This card is cheesy and easy (to make).

    17. The perfect option for an older child who still wants to bring in Valentine's Day cards.

    18. A valentine that will supervise all homework production.

    19. A valentine (and a snack) to be wild about.

    20. Does your daughter love fairies? These are the valentines for her.

    21. Let these "worm" their way into your heart.

    22. A "beary" sweet valentine.

    23. Kids will have a "gooed" time playing with this slime.

    24. Have a son or daughter that loves creating loom bands? Put them to work and make these valentines.

    25. "Stick" these valentines in their backpack and send 'em off to school.

    26. Let your son or daughter show their classmates that they're happy "to be in the same school."

    27. This free printable will be a "lifesaver" if you're short on time.

    28. Kids having fun > adult eardrums.

    29. You should "pix" these valentines if your child is allowed to bring candy to school.

    30. "Ewe" will melt at the cuteness of this card.

    31. "Chews" this valentine when you have kids old enough to safely chew bubblegum.

    32. These cards come with friendship bracelets featuring the "heart" knot.

    33. A valentine you squeeze (that you can make with ease).

    34. This valentine comes with a toy to use in the sandbox during recess.