29 Insanely Clever Products That Will Make You Want To Go Camping

Even if you're not outdoorsy at all.

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10. A water-resistant speaker.

Listen to music on the beach (or when there's the possibility of rain) without worrying about ruining your speakers. The battery in this Turtle Shell speaker will give you "16 hours of party time" and will also help you out by charging other electronic devices.

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15. A device that lets you send a text even if you don't have cell phone service.

"Go off-grid but don't get lost" using goTenna. Did you wander too far off the path while following a raccoon to get a look at its adorable little hand-paws? Text your camping buddy to figure out how to get back to the waterfall you're supposed to be chilling at.

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18. A collapsible kayak.

Why buy a kayak you have to strap to the roof of your vehicle when you could just buy one that folds up into an easily transportable package? This model is great for both novice and expert paddlers.

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21. A fish-finding sonar device.

A wireless sonar device that will keep you from going home from a fishing trip empty-handed. It reveals the location of those sneaky fish, will work in depths from 1.5 feet to around 130 feet, and gives you a detailed view of the terrain of the bottom of the body of water you're fishing in.

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23. A portable espresso maker.

Just because you want to get back to nature doesn't mean you want to get away from caffeine: The Minipresso helps you get a jolt of energy right at your campsite.

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25. A shower that you transport on the roof of your car.

You can take a shower wherever you want! Of course, you probably shouldn't (unless you want to be arrested for indecent exposure), but when you're out in the woods, go for it!

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28. A waterproof lighter.

The Exotac will protect your lighter from water even if you get caught in a downpour or swept away in a river (let's hope that neither of those things happen, but at least you'd be able to light a campfire if they did).

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