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38 Awesome Things You Should Do When You Go To Maine

It's called Vacationland for a reason, people.

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Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Drive to the top of Cadillac Mountain.

You could hike instead... but if you drive you'll have much more time to explore the rest of Acadia National Park and the charming town of Bar Harbor.

2. Try "The Godmother" sandwich at The Good Life Market in Raymond.

Shrimp + garlic aioli + artichokes = heaven in sandwich form.

3. Spend an afternoon wandering through the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

The Children's Garden is the highlight (even for adults): there's a whale fountain, a cat-shaped fence, stepping stones across a pond, and so many beautiful flowers that your eyes won't know where to focus first.

4. Pick out four (or fourteen) treats at Little BIGS.

So many "hand foods", so few hands.

5. Make friends with a goat at the Fryeburg Fair.

Or a llama, a goose, a guinea pig, and a draft horse.

6. Spend a few nights camping on Hermit Island.

Eat at the Kelp Shed, take a dip in the "bath tub", climb on the giant anchor, and keep your eyes open for deer.

Just remember: while all the camp sites on Hermit Island are awesome, if you want one of the "prime" spots (right by the beach or on a beautiful rocky cliff), you've got to reserve your spot wayyyyyyyyy in advance. Or go during the off season.

7. Head to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth to get a lobster roll at Bite Into Maine.

So. Much. Claw. Meat.

Be sure to check out the lighthouse while you're digesting your food.

8. Watch the sun set over Sebago Lake.

Summer sunsets are best enjoyed with s'mores... so make one.

9. Take a class at Stonewall Kitchen's Cooking School.

If you have no desire to become a better chef ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), you can just head over to the cafe or the gorgeous company store to buy some of their signature speciality foods.

10. Go cross country skiing (or snowshoeing) at Pineland Farms.

If there's no snow, go mountain biking or for a run.

11. Eat so many flavorful brussels sprouts at Blue Rooster Food Co. that you *become* a giant brussels sprout.

Not a bad way to go, tbh.

12. Wander around the Yarmouth Clam Festival searching for Steamer the clam.

Move out of the way Stephen King: Steamer's taking over as Maine's biggest celebrity.

And—whether you see Steamer or not—the Clam Festival is a lot of fun: from the food to the craft fair to the carnival rides.

13. Browse through the wares at the Big Chicken Barn in Ellsworth.

What once held chickens now holds rows of antiques and thousands of old books, magazines, and newspapers.

14. Buy a box of ridiculously cute cookies at 3 Dogs Cafe in Rockport.

Adorable *and* tasty.

15. Venture to Bridgton to see a movie at the Magic Lantern...

Each of the three theaters has a balcony to sit in!

16. ...or the Bridgton Twin Drive-In Theatre.

Every Tuesday they have "retro night" featuring movies like Jaws and Jurassic Park or The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

17. Hike to a "secret" beach.

Seawall Beach isn't actually a secret, but there's limited parking and you have to hike two miles to get to it (so it's typically empty enough to *seem* like a secret).

18. Take a tour of Victoria Mansion.

"America's premiere museum of pre-Civil War opulence."

19. Go canoeing (or tubing) down the Saco River.

If you aren't looking for a "Spring break! Woooooooo!" atmosphere, go at the beginning of the season.

20. If you're feeling adventurous, go rafting with Northeast Whitewater.

Watch out, Kennebec River.

21. Get a dozen delicious doughnuts at Frosty's in Brunswick.

Get there early or they may be sold out.

22. Cool down with some ice cream from Willard Scoops.


23. Take your dog for a stroll on Mackworth Island.

Build a fairy house while you're there.

24. Pay tribute to the giant Bean boot at the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Wandering around there looking at fleece jackets at 2am is pretty strange.

25. Get a couple of slices at OTTO Pizza in Portland for dinner.

26. Then get a chocolate cork at Standard Baking Co. for dessert.

If you enjoy it (and you will), you can pick up a copy of their cookbook to try to replicate their baked goods at home.

28. Meet a moose at Baxter State Park.

By "meet a moose" we mean "gaze in awe at a moose from a respectful distance."

And a note regarding moose: You could live in Maine for 20 years and never see one. They're not like squirrels or mosquitos, so you should never go on a tour "guaranteeing" a moose sighting—that's a promise no one can honestly make.

29. Take a ferry ride through Casco Bay.

Simply enjoy the journey (and the view) on the ferry or get off at one of the islands.

30. Go apple picking at Pietree Orchard in Sweden.

They also offer pick-your-own strawberries, blueberries, and pumpkins. Click here to see what's in season now.

32. Celebrate rural living and organic food at the Common Ground Country Fair.

And pie cones! Celebrate pie cones.

33. Have a bowl of chowder at Schutty's.

The little shack may not look like much, but the food? Amazing.

34. Climb the Burnt Meadow Mountain trail on an autumn day and gaze at the changing foliage.

Bring a picnic to enjoy at the top before heading back down.

35. Paddle through Scarborough Marsh in a canoe.

You can rent one at the Maine Audubon Center.

36. Eat breakfast at Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland.

A great way to start the day.

37. Have a few drinks on the Allagash Brewing Company tour.

Love beer? You may want to follow the Maine Beer Trail (Maine has a *lot* of breweries).

38. Finally, make the trek up to Columbia Falls to see the World's Largest Blueberry.

Worth it if only for the Instagram shot.