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    27 Illustrated GIFs To Improve Any Situation

    Animations to make you smile no matter how dire the circumstance.

    1. Did you spend two hours painstakingly curling your hair only to have the whole coif collapse in a sudden downpour?

    Gaze at this GIF of a sun walloping two grumpy rain clouds by François Maumont and maybe you'll start to forget your hair horror story.

    2. Did your dentist tell you that you can't drink soda anymore because your teeth are about to crumble away like the nose of the Sphinx?

    Rough. While you decide whether you'd prefer a life without teeth or a life without cola, observe these cool cans by Erik Winkowski.

    3. Did you get dumped in the middle of your own birthday party by the fedora-wearing, jerk-ass boyfriend you never even really liked?

    Look at this illustrated life advice by Allison Kerek and swiftly move on with your life.

    4. Did your cat lay down on top of your sandwich and cover the focaccia with his fur?

    Behold the amazing toast cat by Cindy Suen and try to forgive your pet for his blunder: he just thought he was panini-ing it for you with his body heat.

    5. Did you slip on a banana peel as you made your way onto the dance floor at your high school reunion?

    Really? First off: who knew that could happen in real life? Secondly: who ate a banana on the dance floor? Give these bananas by Amelia Giller the once-over to distract you from that blooper of an occurrence.

    6. Were you attempting to take a selfie with Harry Styles when a duck decided to empty his bowels on your head?

    Harry has a great sense of humor, so this doesn't have to be a horror story. Stare at this jaunty duck by Pernille Kjaer and try to stop sobbing.

    7. Did you get so overly enthusiastic with your cheering at a basketball game that your boob popped right up out of your bra and into the public eye?

    Pray that you don't end up on the Jumbotron, return your breast to the safe haven of your bra cup and watch this nipple-free bouncing lady by Thoka Maer. See more of her GIFs at her blog.

    8. Did you drive over a hundred miles to visit a llama farm, run up to the gate and (boom!) get spit on?

    Wipe the stinky llama saliva from your forehead and try not to make eye contact - you'll threaten them! But feel free to look this delightful GIF llama by Monica Ramos and Christina Lu in the eye. He doesn't care! He relishes the attention.

    9. Is working in a bland cubicle getting you down?

    Ugh. Everything is monochromatic and nothing is vibrant. Dreadful. Minimize your spreadsheet for a second and gaze transfixed at this colorful GIF by cartoonist/animator Domitille Collardey.

    10. Did you accidentally dribble the iced coffee out of your mouth, down your chin and onto your favorite shirt (all while standing next to your crush)?

    Check out this girl by Natali Koromoto and attempt to emulate her chill.

    11. Does the sound of a ticking clock fill you with dread and force you to constantly confront your own mortality?

    That's dark. Buy a cat clock (like this one by Stephen Maurice Graham) and maybe looking at the cheery swishing tail will stave off the thoughts of death. Maybe.

    12. Do you believe in unicorns? Does everyone you know scream at you claiming that they're not real? Do you cry about it at night?

    Don't let the disbelief of those downers get you down. Even if the existence of unicorns can never officially be proven, you can construct a robotic one (like Gemma Correll's Unimatic 2000).

    13. Did you just spend over an hour on WebMD convincing yourself that you have a combination of five rare, fatal diseases?

    Stop indulging in your hypochondria, kick that site off your browser and scope this sassy kicking flamingo by Hattie Stewart and Andy Baker instead.

    14. Did your American Eskimo dog leap out of your arms and into the dumpster of an Italian restaurant?

    The tomato sauce will fade: yes, it will take at least eight washes and your little pooch may be slightly pink for a few weeks, but eventually he'll be as pristine as this ball of fluff by Emma Trithart again.

    15. Did you spend an exorbitant amount of money on a new pair of shoes that started to give you blisters a mere hour after slipping them on?

    Ouch. If you must wear them for the rest of the day, find a bandage and try to go at a slow pace (like this wildebeest by Òscar Julve) to lessen the friction.

    16. Did you finally get enough courage to jump off the rope swing into the river only to lose your swim trunks downstream?

    If your friends aren't assholes they should throw you a towel. If they are assholes, proudly strut out of the water, find a piece of debris to cover certain areas and leave. When you get home you can look at this colorful GIF by Laura Junger for GIF TEAM to console yourself.

    17. Did a gust of wind blow up your skirt and reveal your underwear to at least twenty bystanders?

    They got a gander of your underpants - that's lousy, but now you're watching this flying squirrel by Louie Zong so you must be feeling at least a few degrees better. Look at his red scarf waving in the breeze and let your own (more embarrassing) run-in with the wind fade from your memory.

    18. Did your hard drive conk out while you were in the middle of typing the last page of your thesis?

    Think of a different sort of "drive" and pay attention to this primate in his banana car by Andrew Kolb. There's more vehicular cuteness at Andrew's blog - The Silly Rally.

    19. Did something (shall we say) "very embarrassing" happen when you were in the ski lodge at the mountain this weekend?

    While you may never fully get over the mortification of what occurred (how could you?), scoping this GIF by Ryan Snook may help a fraction of a bit. A dollop.

    20. Do you live in an apartment building that doesn't allow pets and feel like weeping every time you see someone's Instagram photo of a dog or cat?

    Observe these cloud animals by Philippa Rice and have hope: someday you'll get a furry friend of your very own. Someday.....

    21. Are you sitting at work and filled with insurmountable despair: it's only Wednesday?!?!

    You'll get over that hump. Glance at this GIF by Laura Berger to help.

    22. Did you walk out to an island during low tide, fall asleep after eating a particularly enormous sandwich and get stranded there?

    Swimming back is probably dangerous (beware the current), so you better wait for a boat or for low tide to arrive again. Take a peek at this turtle by Pasquale D'Silva to pass the time and keep your eyes peeled for actual sea turtles: maybe one would give you a ride. You never know.

    23. Did you (in a haze of tipsiness) try to climb a tree and topple out of it into a prickly mass of rose bushes?

    #1. Do not attempt to climb when you're drunk. It's just common sense.

    #2. If you MUST climb, try to cling to the branches in the manner of these adorable sloths by Laura Langston.

    24. Did a seal bite off your hand?

    Buster Bluth? Is that you? In any case, try not to hold a grudge against all of sealdom. Just concentrate on this non-hand-eating seal by Emma Louthan. He'd never hurt you - promise. Your other hand is safe.

    25. Did you get guilt-tripped into going ice fishing with your brothers even though you'd rather be fishing ice out of the freezer to put into a series of cocktails? Cocktails you'd be drinking while sitting cozily on your couch watching Netflix?

    Nothing will save you from the cold, but this GIF by Patrick Doyon might bring a smile to your face. Your frozen face. See more animation by Patrick here.

    26. Is your throat so sore that you haven't been able to swallow anything more substantial than soup for what feels like decades?

    Let Maori Sakai's soup GIF refresh your appreciation for the most soothing meal.

    27. Are you a runty toucan incapable of fluttering from branch to branch to seek out food to crunch in your massive beak?

    You're blatantly not a toucan. Regard this GIF by Lisa Hanawalt and enjoy your day (you avian impostor you).

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