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29 Kitchen Products Under $10 That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Do you hear that? It's the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of 5 star reviews whispering to you.

Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. A stainless steel bench scrape for transferring chopped foods without sprinkling them all of your counter, stovetop, or floor.

Promising review: "How did I go without this for so long? It picks up everything I chop - produce, breadcrumbs, crushed cookies, etc. I like the nice, large size because in one or two scoops, it picks everything up. On both sides of the bench scrape, the stainless steel forms raised sides that helps hold foods securely on the flat surface. The ribbed handle is comfortable, grippy, and fits securely in my hand. I haven't found the need to run it through the dishwasher because it cleans up nicely with just a couple of swipes with a soapy sponge and some water, leaving no food or odor residue behind." —Shae

Price: $6.88

2. A silicone pastry mat printed with measurements that'll make it easier to roll your dough into *just* the right size.

It also doubles as a baking liner!

Promising review: "This mat saved the day during my marathon baking sessions for Christmas. The mat stayed in place on my clean counter top so I could roll out pie crusts and sugar cookies. I used the size guides to press out biscuit dough to the size of the pan before cutting out the circles (to make sure I got the most out of each batch) and they were uniform in size. The mat was easy to clean, dry off, and fold for storage. This was supposed to be a Christmas present but my husband gave it to me early so I could utilize it and I'm so glad he did!" —Tawny9753

Price: $8.79

3. A 3-in-1 avocado slicer for anyone who can't live without fresh-made guac.

Promising review: "I am a firm believer in owning as few specialty kitchen tools as possible, because they can pile up. However, this one is a must-have. The multi-slicer side is fantastic. The rounded edge allows you to scrape the avocado from its skin, while slicing the avocado itself at the same time. The result is perfect avocado slices in one swift motion! The pit remover in the center is better then a knife because it has three blades that go into the pit at once, making the pit less likely to fall off when you're trying to remove it." —Amazon Customer

Price: $9.95

4. Adjustable pie shields to prevent your painstakingly-formed crusts from burning.

Promising review: "Okay, silicone is the new plastic, and it's so much better. Hot, cold, run it over with your car, doesn't matter. This stuff is awesome. I thought at first glance that this product would be heavy and crush the delicate edge of my pies, but it's actually super-light and works so well. It's adjustable, which is super handy because it fits all those different pie pans you've collected over the years. In addition, for those of us who are hating plastic more and more, because it never dies, never decomposes, and also puts off harmful chemicals (especially when heated, like in the dishwasher), these are totally safe. Truly. Silicone is glass, but glass that feels like rubber. How completely awesome is that? I have thrown my old tin foil shields away. Oh! And these are super easy to clean, which, if you have tin ones, you know is a big plus." —Write4Change

Price: $7.99

5. A fruit and vegetable peeler that fits right into the palm of your hand.

Promising review: "This is my favorite peeler! It uses a natural motion and the peeler works very well. I already own one of these: I panic-ordered this one because I couldn't find mine and after peeling a mere 6 potatoes with my old peeler, I decided I couldn't just wait for it to turn up! (Of course, I nearly immediately found it ... but I did not cancel this order because I am happy to have a spare!)." —Carolyn M.

Price: $6.99

6. A pair of lobster-esque claws to clamp spoons, ladles, and the such right where you need them.

Promising review: "Sturdy enough to hold my largest wooden spoons, yet small enough to clip to the fan hood over my stove. Stays cool to the touch when clipped to a pot and the 'C' holds my utensils nicely balanced, so no more drippings on my stove top! A nice addition to my useful gadgets collection!" —MickiRom

Price: $8.99

7. Bag clips that'll basically act as an extra set of hands in the kitchen.

Promising review: "I cook all of my meals and freeze them once a month. These stands have been a godsend. I can prep, pack, and freeze 6 meals in under 10 minutes. That means in an hour I knock out more than a month's worth of dinners for my family of 8. This holds the smallest and tallest bags and keeps the outside of the bag clean. It leaves my hands free to load up the bags with all my healthy goodies. They're not flimsy and are made from sturdy material, yet fold flat for easy storage. I could go on and on about these, they are such a great product. I definitely recommend." —Ashton KH Wilson

Price: $8.87

8. A set of four brightly-colored bowls to use for prep work *or* serving.

Promising review: "We were so impressed with the first set of these bowls, that we ordered another. These bowls are perfect. They're high quality and made in the USA! We like that they consist of safe materials and that they're microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. They're also lightweight, non-slip, and the sizes are exactly what we need in the kitchen. We thew away our old plastic bowls that showed marks inside from utensils, had stains, and were made of questionable materials. I think these are made to last and would make great gifts." —Wendy Rush

Price: $8.20

9. A steel blade that'll split dough with ease.

Promising review: "If you've been using a spatula to pry pastry off the board, you've probably been tearing up as many pie crusts as you've made. If not the bottom crust, then the top: it never fails. This tool is wide enough and the blade thin enough to easily scrape up your pie dough each and every time. It also gives you the confidence to roll thinner dough. Thin pie dough = flaky, tasty pie crust. Everyone will think you're a professional baker." —David Rankin

Price: $9.95

10. A "Tater Mate" to get your spuds all clean and eyeless before you start mashing, baking, or fry-making.

Promising review: "The bristles are very stiff and keep their shape even after many vigorous scrubbings. The spiral eye remover is very effective, removing the least amount of potato flesh, reducing waste. Being able to do both of these things at once in the sink saves a lot of time. And—as a mom of two children under three—my time is at a premium! This is my go-to vegetable brush. For under $5, it's a worthy investment." —Valerie Ellis

Price: $4.99

11. A gadget for de-coring a pineapple in (pretty much) an instant.

Promising review: "No, seriously... it's fantastic. I thought for sure I was going to have to use some major muscles, but it was super easy. I feel like I've hit the mother load of helpful kitchen items. I avoided buying pineapples whole for so long because they were such a pain to cut up, but this handy little device has now caused me to buy 4 pineapples in 2 days. Because that's how much fun it is to use. Not to mention the handy little booze cup that's left over: pour a little coconut rum in the leftover pineapple 'shell' and it's a delicious treat. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!" —Kaycee Olsen

Price: $8.99

12. A grater that's straight-up great (lol, it's true though).

Promising review: "The best micro-grater I have ever used. It works like a charm on parmesan cheese, citrus, even for whole nutmeg. So much better than my old one. Would buy again and highly recommend this. One word of is VERY VERY sharp. Be sure to use the protective shield (I also keep it in the box in my drawer), and be super careful while you are using it. Nothing dull about this grater at all!! Love it!" —Flowerladytoo

Price: $9.98

13. A colander made specifically for can-tops.

Promising review: "I bought this for my mother and she LOVES IT. No more hard pressing against the lids trying to get the juice drained out. No more lids falling into the container and having to fish it out with a knife or fork because you were using the lid to drain the juice. For the tuna, you turn it so that the opening faces AWAY from the lid and drain it that way. For anything else, you use it with the opening of the colander facing the opening of the veggies, fruit, etc. Makes it so much easier to drain items. A great addition to any kitchen." —Leria Draven

Price: $3.99

14. A pitcher to turn milk or cream into fluffy clouds of foam.,

Promising review: "We've been using this frothing pitcher daily for several months and we're really pleased with it! It's easy to use, easy to clean, and holds a large amount of milk. It, true to its nature, has not stained or tarnished. The pitcher is a great price for the quality and serves as a necessary tool to help make perfect lattes, cappuccinos, and more at home!" —Larissa W.

Price: $4.54

15. A hanging or standing thermometer for people who don't necessarily trust their oven's built-in temperature settings.

Promising review: "If you looked up the word functional in the dictionary, you wouldn't be surprised to see an illustration of an oven thermometer. There is literally NOTHING sexy or appealing about this, but damn is it functional. And this one functions up there with the best of them. Everyone should have one. Test your oven, even if you think it's okay, and check it again every few months. Ovens can drift, and it's better to be safe than ruin your meals. Recommended." —Scribbler

Price: $6.36

16. A non-slip jar opener that'll make you feel like you have Popeye-level strength.

Promising review: "This little jar opener is better than sliced bread! I have had difficulty for YEARS opening jars: small hands and a couple of thumb injuries have made it nearly impossible for me to unhinge the lids. You know, it gets really embarrassing to keep going from door to door, looking for someone in the neighborhood to help me out. I ordered this opener and I could just kick myself for not doing it ten years ago. It's lightweight, but sturdy enough to get the job done. It stores flat in the kitchen drawer. And it has opened every single jar I've placed in it, from tiny ketchup bottle lids to gigantic peanut butter ones. No more banging the jars on the counter, running them under hot water, or aggravating my sore thumbs just to complete a recipe. I'll never have to ask for help again!" —L. Ott

Price: $9.95

17. An ice cube tray you can slide into a crowded freezer horizontally *or* vertically—with no spills.

Promising review: "This is the best ice cube tray there is. I did a stupid amount of research and testing to find this; 'stupid' because, well... it's just an ice cube tray. It works even better than they describe it: you fill it with water, swipe your hand across to get out the excess, and seal the lid. You can put it in your freezer sideways, carry it upside down, whatever. Afterwards, the ice is super easy to get out: you twist it once, and then—since they are a half moon shape—you press one side of the cubes you want and they slide out. The plastic is high quality: my freezer is set much cooler than average to keep booze cold, and the plastic stays flexible and not brittle. I usually don't write reviews, but just buy this freakin' thing already." —bcomstock15

Price: $9.99

18. Liners that'll save you from ever cleaning out your slow cooker again.

Promising review: "I guarantee that these liners will make you use your slow cooker more often. I have not had to soak or scrub my crock for the past three years thanks to these liners. They are perfect in preventing the heartache of burnt-on, crusty nastiness. Two weekends ago, I made very fancy macaroni and cheese for a going away party. The hostess wasn't familiar with slow cookers and she took my crock out of the fridge and put it on high two hours before the party. Needless to say, there was crusty, scorched mac and cheese in every direction. Was I upset that my $60 mac and cheese was ruined? A little. But, the small amount of sadness will never trump the relief and giddiness I felt knowing that I can grab that bag and dump the remains in the garbage. No soaking, no scouring, no cussing. Just a small lift of a bag and that burnt on mess was no longer my problem. This will be one of the best investments you will make." —KaseyShopping

Price: $4.74

19. A dusting wand for flouring pans or sprinkling sugar, cinnamon, or other powders atop desserts.

Promising review: "Absolutely LOVE this little dusting gadget. If you want to sprinkle powdered sugar on cookies/cannoli's: PERFECT! Want to sprinkle your cake pan with flour: PERFECT! Making tiramisu and want to dust it with cocoa powder: PERFECT! Awesome little tool. I just figured out this year's stocking stuffers for all the cooks in my family." —Cheryl

Price: $9.95

20. An angled measuring cup (so you can read the measurements from above).

Promising review: "Whoooohooooo! If you're going to get excited about a measuring cup, it might as well be this one. Designed with consumer habits in focus, the angle of the cup makes it easy for you to measure out liquids by looking directly into the cup as you pour; no more cocking your head to the side! Measure by the cup or by the ounce. Dishwasher safe, lighter in weight than your traditional glass cups, and it has a great grip which allows you to keep a handle on it (no pun intended) when things get messy. Durable and still looks brand new after two years of heavy use. This is your cup!" —Drea A.

Price: $7.99

21. A set of three silicone spatulas that resist heat, stains, and odors.

Promising review: "I bought these for my hobby of bread-making. My wife loved them so much that I had to buy another set, plus one for my sister-in-law. They are soft and flexible with enough rigidity to completely clean out mixing bowls and pans. I have had one set for over two years and they've held up well even with frequent passes through the dishwasher." —Mick61

Price: $6.88

22. A citrus juicer with a non-skid base and a lid that doubles as a measuring cup.

Promising review: "This juicer is the most efficient one I've ever owned. It may not look impressive, but it squeezed out more juice than either of my other two, and with fewer fruits. It also measures the amount of juice for me, so I don't have to dirty an extra measuring utensil or transfer the juice. I am completely happy with the product and if it ever breaks, I would certainly replace it with one that's exactly the same. Highly recommended." —cassine23

Price: $5.99

23. Tongs. Because everyone needs a quality pair of tongs. Truly.

Promising review: "I purchased these tongs to replace a pair of old, terrible plastic ones that I used for years, cursing under my breath (and sometimes not under my breath) each time I used them. They never opened enough to fully grasp whatever I needed and they never fully gripped whatever I needed them to keep hold of. I had, quite frankly, had enough! When these arrived, I gleefully tossed my old ones in the trash. The shape of these tongs is perfect. They aren't flat, but elongated bowl shapes. The serrated edges and the ease with which they respond to my grip make it easy to pick up and release everything I use them with. The locking mechanism makes storage easy and prevents the tongs from flinging themselves around when resting between uses. And, last but not at all least, they look good." —lindalindabobinda

Price: $9.95

24. A butter dish with stoppers on either side (so it stays in place while you chop) and measurement markers.

Promising review: "Okay, okay. I know - it's a butter dish, not a climate controlled, IoT Wi-Fi enabled, WPA2 encryption-protected churned cream receptacle or anything, but even the 'simple things' in life should be recognized and appreciated when they do something right." —FauxReal

Price: $9.99

25. A knife sharpener (because it's actually less safe to use a dull knife than a sharp one).

Promising review: "I gotta say, this is the best sharpener I've ever bought in my whole life. I got it today and brought it to work. I work at a Japanese—wow—my knife was like sharp like a samurai sword! Even my coworkers were surprised and asked me to order one for them. 😎 ." —Amazon Customer

Price: $5.99

26. A stainless steal baster that comes with a cleaning brush *and* an injector attachment.

Promising review: "I've had at least five basters in my 30 years of cooking. All of them cracked or split or warped from the heat of the basting juices. I always worried about the heat causing the plastic to leach into the food, too. All of them were hard to wash because I didn't have the right sized brush. I was discouraged, because a baster is a necessary tool for the kitchen, and it seemed I was destined to buy a new one every few years. I'm really delighted with this Norpro Stainless baster! The stainless part is heavy gauge steel that will never warp, crack, or melt. It won't be giving off any plastic chemicals, either. The rubber bulb is thick and strong, and will last for years. It comes with a little brush that fits perfectly in the tube and can reach into the bulb part too. And if I want to inject juice into my turkey, there's an attachment that screws securely on the tip of the baster. I'm really pleased with the quality of this product, and recommend it to anyone who has gotten tired of cheap plastic basters letting them down." —Lisa Kearns

Price: $7.45

27. A cooker to heat up ramen noodles in half the time.

Promising review: "Possibly the best thing I have ever purchased. Like, legit, it cooks the ramen perfectly and it's super easy to clean. I gave one to my friend who's also an avid ramen lover. I don't even put on the flavoring anymore and I can just mix in kimchi with some fish. Seriously sweet when you don't want to clean up a million pots and pans, or you don't want to wait, or you don't want to sweat your butt off over a hot stove." —Amazon Customer

Price: $9.99

28. A basket-style strainer to use when boiling pasta, deep-frying onion rings, or blanching veggies.

Promising review: "This is one of the handiest utensils I have in the kitchen. I use it for lifting anything out of liquid on a stove or a deep fat fryer: boiled eggs, fritters, fried fish, fries, tofu, small pasta (like farfalle), and even teabags when making a gallon of iced tea. The bamboo handle is a good 10-inches long, at an angle to the basket, and firmly-attached so it’s safe to use with hot liquids. The wire basket has larger openings than a sieve or skimmer, so it drains instantly. It sure beats using a slotted spoon. It’s safe and efficient." —Eusebius

Price: $5.99

29. And collapsible cover that'll keep the interior of your microwave from looking like a crime scene in need of a blood splatter analysis from Dexter Morgan.

Promising review: "I bought this because I have 5 children and one of them decided to blow up an egg inside of the microwave. To say it was a mess would be an understatement. After this incident, I really started to crack down on everyone covering their dishes in the microwave, but some bowls and plates don't have lids. So then we started using A LOT of paper towels and plastic wrap. Wasteful!!! So I searched online and found this. It's big enough to cover a plate, tall enough to cover a bowl, vented to allow the steam to escape, and when you're, done it folds flat. I just leave it in the microwave so my kids don't forget about it. Honestly, I love this. It's definitely worth more than the price" —Charell S.

Price: $7.99


Bon appétit.

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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