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39 Futuristic Kitchen Products You Had No Idea You Needed

Straight out of the Jetsons' kitchen and into yours.

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2. Doodle on all of your meals and beverages with CinniBird (a remarkably cool pen that uses spices and seasonings for "ink").

3. Minipresso is a portable espresso maker that allows you to get a jolt of caffeine ANYWHERE!

Make espresso on a mountain. Make espresso in a canoe. Make espresso behind a waterfall. Make espresso when your nemesis buries you in a crate in the desert.

6. Peres is an "electronic nose" that can detect the quality and freshness levels of an array of meats.

Food poisoning isn't the most delightful way to spend a day (or week): let this device sniff out whether or not you should avoid eating that chicken.

7. Top Brewer looks like your typical sink faucet, only it releases coffee instead of water.

The most amazing beverage in the world flowing out of a faucet and into your impatiently awaiting mug. I know it's tempting, but don't just stick your mouth under the dispenser - caffeine isn't worth getting painful mouth burns.

9. Have you ever (annoyingly) found yourself without an egg in the middle of baking? The Egg Minder keeps track of how many eggs you have.

16. Rollie an easy-to-use, vertical cooking system.

It's the easiest way to prepare eggs (or cinnamon rolls or pizza) in a hurry. Will it feel somewhat strange to eat an omelette shaped like a burrito? Possibly... but it will still taste delicious.

17. BKON is a majestic machine that brews your tea.

That was the simple way to put it, here's the more complex - it brews any loose leaf tea, third wave coffee, or infused cocktail using negative pressure. How fast is it? FAST. It can whip up over 60 cups in an hour! And it cleans itself! Amazing.

18. Mellow will help you become a sous-vide master with ease.

Does your meat always end up dry? Horribly, horribly dry? You should try preparing it using the sous-vide method of cooking. That may sound intimidating, but not with this device: it does all of the work for you and you'll never have to bite into a piece of dry chicken again.

21. Wave your hand in front of your SnackMan and instantly get some candy.

...or something healthier - it's your choice.

27. Why do things lose their freshness? Air. While most storage containers trap all of the stale air in the compartment with your food, EVAK pushes it all out.

It will keep your edibles fresh and delicious for a longer period of time. Yum, yum.

28. Drinking beer from a bottle at home will never be the same as getting a pint at a bar... unless you have this beer foamer.

Foam makes all the difference and this device allows you to make dense, delicious foam to top off your glass of bottled beer.

37. Xperia = the tablet made specifically for your kitchen.

"It'll just get covered in flour and grease and stop working!"

WRONG! Yes, it'll get dirty (of course it will get dirty), but you can rinse it off in the sink: it's capable of being submerged for up to 30 minutes... who knows why you'd need to submerge it for 30 minutes, but - hey, you could.

39. Muki is a coffee mug that can receive messages.

It's outfitted with an "e-ink" display powered by the heat from your morning cup of joe. What images appear? Whatever pictures (or messages) your friends send to it: each time you refill the cup it's a surprise.

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