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These Alphabet GIFs Will Make Your Skin Crawl

A B C D E F--OMG why are they moving? WHY ARE THEY MOVING?

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What a lovely depiction of the alphabet--The colors! The beautifully rendered letters!

These are the Feelers--An animated typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages.

They're the work of Ari Weinkle: an artist and designer based in Boston, Massachusetts.

In his work, Weinkle looks to "break apart and re-appropriate different forms such as the human figure, geometric and organic shapes, and typography."

With his Feelers project, Weinkle explored typography and organic shapes--specifically, the tentacles of creatures like squid and octopi.

"Feelers is the result of experimenting with new techniques. I’ve done weird typographic experiments in the past, such as an alphabet inspired by varicose veins," Weinkle told BuzzFeed Life.

"For Feelers, I wanted each letter to be unique. Each character has it’s own movement, color, and form."

He spent a lot of time watching videos of deep sea creatures on Youtube as research.

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Weinkle says this one still creeps him out (justifiably).

Beyond sea creatures, the motions were also modeled after the "jerky movements of insect antennas and appendages."

Each letter/creature has an (imaginary) bone structure which dictates its movement, as well as its own color palette.

The best part of the process? "Seeing all the letters come to life in the animation," says Weinkle.

"Each one has its own strange characteristics, but they sit together as a unified whole."

To check out all of the gorgeously creepy Feelers, head over to Weinkle's blog.

You will have a nightmare about a giant squid tonight. Enjoy.