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Updated on Jan 24, 2019. Posted on Nov 29, 2015

27 Gifts Only Math And Science Nerds Will Appreciate

Give 'em to your cutie "pi" or keep them for yourself.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

1. A cellphone case featuring a cartoon Freddie "Mercury."

🎵 We are the chemical elements, my friends... 🎵

Price: $32

2. A tee covered with some molecules in the process of bonding.

C2H6O = the formula for making new friends (or enemies, depending on how you get when you're drunk).

Price: $25

3. A print that's simultaneously dead and alive.

Just kidding. The print is completely dead.

Price: $15.63

4. A super cute tote.

This angle needs to learn how to accept a compliment.

Price: $14

5. A t-shirt with an argument occurring on its front.

Get along, you two.

Price: $17

6. A stuffed Nikola Tesla and a Emmy Noether paper doll.

Nikola thinks they'd have an electrifying connection. Emmy did the math and isn't so sure.

Price: $44 and $12

7. A sweet shower curtain.

For your mathematical mate.

Price: $68

8. Giant microbes you can cuddle with.

E. coli


Literally the only time in your life when you'll actually *want* to cuddle with diarrhea.

Price: $13.69

9. A print for anyone who likes pizza as much as they like math.

Price: $15

10. A pencil pouch for a chemistry major.

Terence is soooooooo melodramatic.

Price: $6.25

11. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton battling on a shirt.

Who would *you* bet on?

Price: $15.61

12. A print for the purine to your pyrimidine.

Congrats on finding someone with complementary nucleotides.

Price: $5

13. A book for your little nuclear physicist.

"Honey! Come quick! Ludo just said 'big bang'!"

Price: $44

14. A shirt with the golden section to wear over your "golden sections."

Does that innuendo even make sense? Whatever—just go with it.

Price: $22

15. A spoon stamped with an updated version of a Four Tops's lyric.

🎵 You know how I love youuuuu 🎵

Price: $20

16. A slice of pi pie to hang on your wall.

It's not ~irrational~ to want to make a pie shaped like this.

Price: $20

17. And a button for people who think pi is wrong.

18. A mug with a citrusy algebraic equation.

A singerine actually sounds pretty good. Get on that, fruit breeders.

Price: $12.50

19. A tee for someone who's never wrong.

TBH, you probably shouldn't get a know-it-all this shirt: it'll just make them even more insufferable.

Price: $17.94

20. A lunch bag that knows what goes down in the mitochondrion.

Open it up when you need some more energy.

Price: $16

21. Some punny science stickers.

These definitely fall into the "so bad they're good" category.

Price: $7.50

22. A spice rack to make your kitchen more like a lab.

Just be sure you fill up the Th vial with thyme instead of thorium.

Price: $54.99

23. A print of a mouse doing some very heavy thinking.

24. The perfect mug to drink coffee out of.

25. An electron-rich cross stitch pattern.

For organic chemists who enjoy crafting in their downtime.

Price: $3

26. A tee with a statistical dinosaur.

There's also a Stegonormalus tee.

Price: $18

27. And a card to wish you happy holmium-days.

Price: $4.61

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