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27 Gifts Only Math And Science Nerds Will Appreciate

Give 'em to your cutie "pi" or keep them for yourself.

1. A cellphone case featuring a cartoon Freddie "Mercury."

2. A tee covered with some molecules in the process of bonding.

3. A print that's simultaneously dead and alive.

4. A super cute tote.

5. A t-shirt with an argument occurring on its front.

6. A stuffed Nikola Tesla and a Emmy Noether paper doll.

Nikola thinks they'd have an electrifying connection. Emmy did the math and isn't so sure.

Price: $44 and $12

7. A sweet shower curtain.

8. Giant microbes you can cuddle with.

Literally the only time in your life when you'll actually *want* to cuddle with diarrhea.

Price: $13.69

9. A print for anyone who likes pizza as much as they like math.

10. A pencil pouch for a chemistry major.

11. Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton battling on a shirt.

12. A print for the purine to your pyrimidine.

13. A book for your little nuclear physicist.

"Honey! Come quick! Ludo just said 'big bang'!"

Price: $44

14. A shirt with the golden section to wear over your "golden sections."

15. A spoon stamped with an updated version of a Four Tops's lyric.

16. A slice of pi pie to hang on your wall.

17. And a button for people who think pi is wrong.

18. A mug with a citrusy algebraic equation.

19. A tee for someone who's never wrong.

20. A lunch bag that knows what goes down in the mitochondrion.

21. Some punny science stickers.

22. A spice rack to make your kitchen more like a lab.

23. A print of a mouse doing some very heavy thinking.

24. The perfect mug to drink coffee out of.

25. An electron-rich cross stitch pattern.

26. A tee with a statistical dinosaur.

27. And a card to wish you happy holmium-days.