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38 Incredibly Specific Online Vintage Shops For Your Every Need

Cameras? Patches? Movie posters? What are you in the market for?

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Vintage Camera Club - Cameras

Your phone camera is handy, but the ones in this shop are just so much cooler.

2. Modern Vienna Bronze - Brass Animals

The place to go if you want to start a collection of Walter Bosse's modernist figures.

3. The Vintage Cookbook Maven - Cookbooks

Cookbooks for when you want to prepare something the way grandma used to.

4. Cute Bright Fun - Fabric

Need some fabric for your next sewing project? Head on over to this shop! It's chock full of fun vintage fabric for you to stitch into something great.

5. James Rowland - Shoes

A marvelous selection of vintage footwear.

6. The Games Are Here - Games

This shop has over 34 pages of games for you to browse through - surely you'll be able to find at least 5 (perhaps 12?) that you'll want to play.

7. Heyday Retro Mart - Patches

Buy an old patch to add some flare to a new shirt.

8. Elizabeth Wren Books - Picture Books

How can you resist a book called Scary Harry? You can't. There's more where that came from in this shop.

9. Hanna Rivka - European Picture Books

Another children's book shopping option! This one is filled with books from Europe: some are in English and some are in other languages, but all are treats for your eyes.

10. Dawn and Ross - Photographs

It's not creepy to buy the personal photos of strangers when those photos are really, really old.

11. Iconic Lights - Lighting

Vintage lighting from Europe.

12. Japanese Prints - Prints

Vintage Japanese art to decorate your walls.

13. Alistir Wood Tait - Jewelry

Gorgeous baubles you'll be dying to add to your jewelry box.

14. Calendar Girl Clothing - Dresses

Party dresses to flounce and twirl in.

15. Add Vintage -Buttons

Bushels and bushels of buttons.

16. Pince Nez - Glasses

Pick out some sweet vintage frames and then find a place to get them filled with prescription lenses.

17. Toys Of The Past - Toys

Get nostalgic with the Fisher Price findings in this shop.

18. Phillipa Finch - Books

A shop that specializes in books with cover art by mid-century artists and designers.

19. Daindain - Musical Equipment

Musical equipment and instruments.

20. Rear Window Posters - Movie Posters

Old movie posters are just cooler than new ones.

21. Shabby Chic Ski Boutique - Cabin Decor

Decor for your cabin near the slopes.

22. MOD Vintage Eyewear - Sunglasses

Protect your eyes in style.

23. Stuck On Stickers - Stickers

How have these rad guys managed to stay unpeeled for all these years? Buy some and release them from their backings!

24. Rona Horn Designs - Charms

Quirky vintage enamel charms that can easily be turned into necklaces or earrings.

25. Mid Century Mobler - Furniture

A shop specializing in authentic Danish Modern and American Mid Century furniture from the 1950s and 1960s.

26. Baby Tweeds - Children's Clothing

Buy your son or daughter vintage garments from this shop and they'll be the cutest kid in all the land.

27. Drop the Needle - Records

A gigantic (49 pages!) selection of vinyl.

28. Tinsel and Trinkets - Party Decorations

Decorate for your next party (or the holidays) with the vintage goodies in this shop.

29. Vintage Postcard Boutique - Postcards

Frame 'em, scrapbook 'em, do whatever you want with 'em - vintage postcards are great.

30. Boston Bag Lady - Paper Goods

Vintage paper perfection.

31. Berliner Strasse - Home Decor

"The best vintage home decor from in and around Berlin."

32. Wonderland Toys - Toys

Repurchase the things you loved when you were a child. You used to put 90210 stickers on your binder - now you can put them on the back of your laptop!

33. Neato Keen - Tea Towels

Towels, tablecloths, napkins and other amazingly illustrated pieces of fabric.

34. The China Girl - Dishes

A wide variety of dishes to outfit your table.

35. The Toy Box - Doll Furniture

You can play interior designer on a very small scale when shopping in this vintage doll furniture shop.

36. Soviet Watches - Watches

Your wrist is begging you to buy something from this shop. Listen to it.

37. Fini Ribbon - Trimmings

Ribbon, thread, embroidery floss...find all your trimmings here.

38. Tin Princess - Tins

Fun containers to store all your doodads in.

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