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23 Incredibly Thoughtful Gifts Everyone Will Want

Personalized perfection.

Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

1. A custom BFF pendant.

For the only person you still actually call instead of text.

Price: $25

2. A personalized mix tape you can cuddle with.

For the person who always has their headphones on.

Price: $58

3. A customized paddle with a face on it.

For your ping pong adversary.

Price: $45.49

4. A set of custom paper dolls.

For the person who hates the fact that dolls are supposed to be for children only.

Price: $150

5. A personalized cake slice stencil.

For someone with a healthy appetite.

Price: $26.41

6. A list of favorite books in print form.

For the book worm.

Price: $20.17

7. An adorable personalized door decal.

For anyone who appreciates high levels of cuteness.

Price: $43.74

8. A doughnut name necklace.

For the person who frequently has a bit of frosting residue stuck to their chin.

Price: $49

9. A monogrammed shark "beer killer."

For the craft brew aficionado.

Price: $9.99

10. A cozy initialed throw.

For the one you ❤️.

Price: $135

11. A pug-covered personalized planner.

For the organized dog lover.

Price: $23+

12. A customized swaddling cloth.

For someone celebrating their first holiday season.

Price: $50+

13. A portrait-emblazoned carry-on bag.

For someone who will never lose their luggage again.

Price: $160

14. A customized pet tote.

For the person who wants to bring their pet with them *everywhere*.

Price: $34

15. A travel mug etched with a child's drawing.

For the grandmother (or uncle or ______) of a little Picasso.

Price: $62

16. A necklace with customizable graffiti.

For the street art fan.

Price: $250

17. An illustrated list of favorites.

For someone who wishes their favorite things were as famous as Oprah's.

Price: $150

18. Customized coasters.

For someone you care about (who cares about ring-free tables).

Price: $10.13

19. A personalized name print.

For someone who's just learning how to spell.

Price: $62

20. A custom-illustrated set of mugs.

For the family that caffeinates together.

Price: $28 to $145

21. A stamp featuring a custom carving.

For someone who wants to leave a mark.

Price: $28

22. A unique home for a succulent.

For the owner of a green thumb.

Price: $24

23. And a festive personalized tote.

For someone who was on the nice list this year.

Price: $26.41