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32 Impossibly Fun Gifts For Kids That Even Adults Will Want

"Mom, why are all my toys in your room?"

1. 3Doodler Pen

With the world's first 3D printing pen, your doodles will no longer be confined to the page.

2. Jackson Bear Bopper Toy

3. The Shark Bait Sleeping Bag

4. Night Riderz Lighted Zipline

5. Pirate Crayons

What arrrr ye going to draw with these, matey?

6. Kinetic Sand

7. Giant Pencil

8. Stack and Stare Block Set

9. Sloth Stuffed Animal

10. Magnetic Doodle House

11. Ice Cream Truck Play Tent

12. Woofer Guitar

13. The Air Shark

14. KidKraft Designer Dollhouse

The interior of this dollhouse is worthy of a home tour on a design blog.

15. Water Flutes

16. Mermaid Swim Fin

17. The LED Fireworks Grand Finale

18. Giant Bowling Game


19. Alex Toys Slimy, Sticky, Silly Stuff

20. Teeter Popper

Simple, yet genius and so much fun. Teeter and rock to your heart's content.

An adorable way to make sure that pesky siblings aren't getting into your stuff.

22. Stop Motion Animation Kit

23. Create A Portrait

Here's a game: try to make faces that look like each member of your family.

24. Symphony in B

25. Chalk Building Blocks

26. Lego Storage Bricks

So they're "for storage," but really they're just Lego bricks for giants: they snap together just like the normal, small ones do! Build a tower in your bedroom; dream winning the lottery so you could afford build a little house out of them.

27. The iPad Paintbrush

28. Fatboy C09 XS

29. DIY Electro Dough Kit

30. Bright Lights BBOP

Colorful, confetti-filled balls for bumping: they even light up!

31. Cozy Posy HugglePod Hang Out

Being in this little hut is almost like being in Pixie Hollow.

32. LED-Lit Poi Balls

Poi translates to "balls on a string": these balls light up and when you swing them around at night it looks like you're drawing in the dark sky (you wizard you).

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