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27 Ridiculously Creative Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

Ideas for the next birthday party you throw.... or your next Tuesday night.

1. Obsessed with cookie dough? Use it instead of frosting.

2. Serve some milk (-y chocolate) and cookies atop a cupcake.

3. Transform black licorice wheels into records.

4. Make a batch of maple breakfast cupcakes that Ron Swanson would approve of.

5. Unwrap some Dum Dums and turn them into beautiful flowers.

6. Or cut up a few Airheads and turn them into an edible garden.

7. Create a field of toadstool cupcakes with white chocolate spots.

8. Make "rings of fire" out of pipe cleaners for a circus party.

9. Create a flock of fluffy sheep using marshmallows.

10. Use almond slices to make feathers for a cupcake owl.

11. Create a school of fish with M&M scales.

12. Turn pretzel rods into fishing rods.

13. Transform vanilla coconut frosted cupcakes into sugary sushi rolls.

14. Prepare a tray of cupcakes that look like apples.

15. Or hunks of watermelon.

16. Make a banana split with cupcakes instead of ice cream.

17. Or arrange a bunch of cupcakes into a giant ice cream cone.

18. Pull a Jackson Pollock and splatter-paint your cupcake tops with frosting.

19. Use number sparklers to make countdown cupcakes.

20. Make ornaments using miniature M&M's and a ROLO.

21. Cover your cupcakes with edible confetti.

22. Top a fluffy white cloud of frosting with a candy rainbow.

23. Coat a cupcake with "dirt" and fill it with "mud."

24. Top pink lemonade cupcakes with some citrus slice gummies and a smattering of sprinkles.

25. Using a piping bag *seems* intimidating, but it's not!

26. Once you learn the piping basics, try your hand at these cupcakes topped with layers of rainbow-hued frosting.

27. Or forgo elaborate edible decorations and print out some monster cupcake paper covers and toppers.

Time to get baking 🕐