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    25 Ikea Hacks That Will Save You So Much Money On Your Wedding

    "Here comes the Malm..."

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. Add some color to Korken bottles and use them to display table numbers.

    This "watercolor" effect is so pretty! Find the full tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

    2. Use a Tolsby frame to display your Instagram hashtag... / Via

    This frame was spray-painted gold and written on with a white paint pen.

    3. ...or to hold your table markers. / Via

    On a non-Ikea note, having animal-themed tables is such a cute idea!

    4. Can't find cloth napkins that fit in with your reception decorating choices? Use Elly dish towels. / Via

    Ikea has a wide variety of dish towels in other patterns and color schemes. Take a look at them here and learn how to turn them into napkins with this tutorial.

    5. Make a terrarium centerpiece from a Borrby lantern.

    You could hang them on your porch after the wedding is over. Find the full tutorial at Thou Swell.

    6. Or give the lanterns a fresh coat of gold paint, add candles, and use them to light the way to your reception. / Via

    Spray paint a bunch of beer and wine bottles to hold some flowers while you're at it.

    7. Instead of using one vase as a centerpiece, why not use several smaller ones in a variety of different shapes? / Via

    At this wedding, the vases were placed on a Skurar dish.

    8. Use sheer Teresia curtains to make a dreamy backdrop.

    9. Or repurpose Alvine curtains as table runners. / Via

    Just trim them (or stitch them together) to get them to the length you need.

    10. Personalize Ivrig or Svalka champagne glasses with etched names.

    The good thing about buying your glasses at Ikea = they're cheap, so if you mess up and need to start over it totally isn't a big deal. Find the full tutorial at Swooned.

    11. Remove the backing from an Ung Drill frame and use it as a prop for your photo booth. / Via

    If you save the back of the frame you can eventually put one of your wedding photos in it.

    12. Here's another way to use an Ung Drill: Turn it into a chalkboard to direct guests to the food (and booze).

    Want to learn a genius trick for fancy chalkboard writing? Check out this video.

    13. If you don't want to deal with converting a picture frame into a chalkboard, just buy the Måla easel. / Via

    The art supplies tray is ideal for holding a few small containers of flowers.

    14. Use a Sharpie to customize Bumerang hangers to hang the bridal party's dresses on.

    15. Set the mood using a bevy of Solvinden globe lamps. / Via

    They're solar powered--just charge 'em up a few days prior to the wedding and they'll be ready to go.

    16. If you want something a bit more glamorous than a lantern, use Maskros pendant lamps. / Via

    This couple upped the glamour even more and spray painted their lamps a sparkly silver.

    17. Or--for the most glamorous option of all--use Kristaller chandeliers. / Via

    For when you really want to feel like a princess.

    18. Skurar candle holders are even prettier when your make them ombre.

    Add candles and put them on every spare surface at your wedding. Get the full tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

    19. Use candle holders to display succulents like this couple did. / Via

    They spray painted the bottom half yellow to make them look as though they'd been dipped in paint.

    20. Having an outdoor wedding? Leave out a bucket of Polarvide throws for people to cuddle up in if they get chilly.

    It's hard to have a good time if you're shivering!

    21. Make a multilevel dessert display using logs and Skurar candle dishes.

    Having platforms at a variety of different heights adds visual interest and makes the display look more attractive.

    22. Use Sofia fabric to make a striking table runner. / Via

    Check out Ikea's full range of fabric offerings here.

    23. Use Ikea rugs to make your outdoor wedding reception more homey. / Via

    While the *exact* style they used may not still be available, the Valby Ruta is a pretty good match.

    24. Looking for inexpensive tablecloths? Use Knoppa sheets instead! / Via

    That's what this couple did.

    25. Beautiful flowers + Skurar pots = a perfect pair. / Via

    Like a happy couple, they're just meant to be.