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25 Products For Your Kitchen That Are Actually Worth Spending Your Money On

Making dinner's about to get a lot easier.

Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most useful thing they own: here are their helpful suggestions for your kitchen.

1. A potato ricer for making the smooth mashed potatoes of your dreams.

You can also use one to make tomato sauce or fruit purees.

Suggested by laurenrosef2.

Buy one here.

2. A press to make perfectly formed burgers.

"It makes burger night so much easier!"


Buy one here.

3. A device that crushes garlic almost instantly.

"Game changer."

—Cassandra Huete, Facebook

Buy one here.

4. A gadget that fries food in a much healthier way (with little or no oil).

"My Phillips Viva Airfryer. It looks like it's from Star Trek, cooks everything to a perfect crisp with no oil, and stupid easy to clean (everything is dishwasher safe). It's t best kitchen appliance I've ever bought!"

—Ian Patrick Zaballero Baer, Facebook

Buy one here.

5. Toilet brushes to clean dishes with ease.

"I buy Dollar Tree toilet brushes, but use them for my dishes! They can swirl pots and cups clean so much more easily than the brushes made for dishes. And I hate getting my hands wet, so don't tell me sponges are better—they're just smelly and gross."

—Beth Morehart, Facebook

Head to a dollar store to get your own or buy some here.

6. A guillotine for safely slicing bagels in half.

"I found a gadget in my drawer and was like, "What is this strange contraption?"—it turned out to be a bagel cutter! Ugh! Where were you all my life?!"


Buy one here.

7. An oven that can bake, broil, barbecue, roast, grill, steam, dehydrate and air-fry.

"My NuWave makes cooking things way easier. Things don't sit in their own fat and drippings, but the food is still juicy. If I'm making burgers, fries go on the top rack with burgers on the bottom, and it only takes about ten minutes for food I don't feel guilty about. Also (since I have two), it makes Thanksgiving so awesome. I use one for turkey, and one for ham: It cuts the time in half and it tastes better than the oven."

—Alisha Cogdell, Facebook

Buy one here.

8. A pad to help you open up jars.

"I have this thin silicone pad that you can use to open jars or even bottles. It's a lot better than the pain of trying to open things with your bare hands."


Buy one here.

9. An easy-to-use, easy-to-clean coffee grinder.

"My Krups coffee bean grinder has been a soldier in the army of my life. It also keeps me from just chewing the beans while sipping hot water."


Buy one here.

10. A basic, easy-to-use slow cooker.

"It's not just for stews! You can bake cakes, roast meat that melts in the mouth, and make porridge to wake up to warm and already made on a cold frosty morning—plus loads more. I'd be lost without mine."

—Amii Mitchell, Facebook

Buy one here.

11. A water boiler that will allow you to have hot drinks whenever you want them.

"My Zojirushi water boiler boils water and keeps it at a near boiling temperature so I can have tea (or other hot beverages) without having to boil water each time."


Buy one here.

12. A countertop dishwasher for small kitchens.

"Hands down the best money I. Have. Ever. Spent."


Buy one here.

13. An oven that will heat pizza to the ~perfect~ level of crispness.

"As a college student, I'm basically on the frozen food diet, and my Pizazz oven thing makes preparing pizza and other pizza-themed food so much easier. Plus, pizza rolls were never meant to be microwaved…the crispness is what I live for."


It'll also work things you find in the frozen snack aisle at the grocery store (like chicken wings, potato skins, and more).

Buy one here.

14. A spiral vegetable cutter to make healthy "pasta."

"I bought a Veggetti thinking it would probably end up in my bottom cabinet with all the other useless kitchen tools—amazingly, this one really works. I use it to make healthier pasta and sliced vegetables all the time. It's quick and simple to use and you can just toss it in the dishwasher."


Buy one here.

15. An office-style water cooler.

"We have a water cooler at my house, like the kind you find in offices. My family LOVES fresh cold water, but our tap water sucks. We all adore it and we get the bottles delivered to our house monthly, so it's super easy. Plus, now we have a supply of water in case of an emergency."


Buy one here.

16. A Nespresso machine to act as your in-home barista.

"Some friends were moving overseas and I bought some of their stuff. When I turned up to collect everything at their house, they asked if I also wanted their coffee machine: I said yes and I've used it every day since. I haven't been to the local coffee shop since I got it and $1 per coffee is a heck of a lot more sustainable than $5 per coffee!"

—Esme Eastment, Facebook

Buy one here.

17. A press to make preparing tofu a breeze.

" I eat a lot of tofu and usually when you cook it, the first step is to press the water out—this process tended to involve wrapping the tofu in a towel, stacking heavy books on top of it and leaving it for a few hours... until I bought an actual tofu press online. My life has changed."

—Diego Plaza, Facebook

Buy one here.

18. An immersion blender that's perfect for making dips, soups, or smoothies.

"I am now the queen of soup! Make a giant batch and freeze it - boom, dinner for days!"


Buy one here.

19. A stand mixer that's useful for so much more than just baking.

"I thought I would end up using my KitchenAid stand mixer only for Christmas cookies, but I use it for everything: shredding chicken, mashing potatoes, slicing veggies... I got rid of my food processor and use only this. And there's the strainer that's perfect for straining onions out of store made pasta sauce. For all the time it saves, it was totally worth the investment."


Buy one here.

20. An electricity-saving convection oven.

"Since it's just me and my husband, it allows me to cook while using significantly less electricity. Not only does it save us money on our energy bill each month, it also cooks much faster than a larger oven."


Buy one here.

21. A magnetic oven mitt you can stick to your fridge for safekeeping.

"I never ever lose it in a drawer."


Buy one here.

22. A SaladShooter to be your own personal slicing and shredding machine.

Beyond slicing and dicing, this model can also grate, chop, and crumble.

Suggested by Bucky James Dio, Facebook.

Buy one here.

23. A classic cast iron skillet.

"As someone who cooks all the time, my cast iron skillet has been the best thing I've ever bought. I use it all the time, and once it's well seasoned it's the best non-stick pan ever."

—Alessandra Ragusin, Facebook

Buy one here.

24. A rotisserie oven for cooking poultry, reheating sides, and so much more.

"You know the one from the late night infomercial? 'Set it and FORGET IT'? Yep, that one. Mine can cook for up to three people and clean up is a dream."


Buy one here.

25. And a trusty wine opener.

"It just understands me."

—Jan Bevilacqua, Facebook

Buy one here.

The comments for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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