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    30 Gifts Anyone Obsessed With Food Will Love

    Are you perpetually covered in crumbs? Is there pizza grease on your chin? These are the gifts for you.

    Mallory McInnis / Buzzfeed

    1. What Did I Eat Today?: A Food Lover's Journal

    For keeping track of the most important moments in the day.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    2. Eyes on the Fries Pouch

    For storing snacks (it's supposed to be for make-up, but let's be real here).

    3. Meat Hat

    For someone who scoffs at the idea of a well-done steak.

    Universal / Via

    4. Food Sweater

    For the person whose style is Ugly Christmas Sweater meets Snackwave.

    Paramount / Via

    5. State Cutting Boards

    For serving cheese with a side of home state pride.

    Disney / Pixar / Via

    6. Ritz Cracker Necklace

    For the person who wants to be Ritz-y and glitzy.

    7. Hand Me the Hot Sauce Apron

    For anyone who always has a bottle of Sriracha handy.

    Fox / Via

    8. Buy Me Food Tee

    For the person who's ready to cut the bullshit and be upfront with their desires.

    FilmDistrict / Via

    Ryan's on it.

    9. Foodie Dice

    For people who see nothing wrong with playing with their food.

    IFC Films / Via

    10. Gummy Bear Light

    For the candy lover who happens to be a little bit afraid of the dark. Just a bit.

    Hershey / Via

    11. Helvetica Noodle Tee

    For the noodle enthusiast.

    Production http://I.G. / Via

    12. Crunch Bunch Bank

    For storing food funds.

    Disney / Via

    13. Pineapple Socks

    For anyone who appreciates the gloriousness of the best fruit in the world (and wants to wear that fruit on their feet).

    14. Macaron Box

    For the foodie Francophile.

    The CW / Via

    (Or at the very least one who would buy you macarons.)

    15. Ice Cream Scoop

    For scoopers that want to scoop their scoops with a scoop. Scoop. Scoop.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    16. Vegetabowls Watermelon Bowl

    For eating delicious things out of a delicious-looking bowl.

    Paramount / Via

    17. Potato People

    For dressing up your spuds as they bake (after they bake you'll dress them up with butter, sour cream... and maybe some bacon).

    Comedy Central / Via

    18. Drink Insulator

    For anyone who appreciates burger and beer night.

    McDonald's / Via

    19. Knife Skills Cutting Board

    For someone who can never remember the difference between mincing and dicing.

    TMS Entertainment / Via

    20. Gingercats Cookie Kit

    For the cat person who also adores cookies.

    Disney / Via

    21. Tortilla Baby Wrap

    For the parent who loves burritos almost as much as they love their children.

    22. Popsicle String Lights

    For a casanova who wants to set the mood with food.

    23. Cupcake Paper Weights

    For helping a cubicle worker make a mountain of paperwork look a little less terrible.



    24. Fast Food Lip Balm Duo

    For freshening up after gorging.

    Warpstar / Via

    25. Make-Up Bag

    For keeping your candy separate from all the other non-edible crap in your bag.

    Disney / Via

    26. The Iconoclast's Guide to Foodies

    For some help "unraveling the mindset of a food snob."

    Disney / Pixar

    Disney / Pixar

    27. I Like Pizza As More Than A Friend

    For the person romantically involved with a meal served in slice form.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    28. Floral Recipe Box

    For storing recipes in style.


    29. Bacon O'Clock

    For someone who needs a reminder what time it is.

    (Just for reference - it's bacon o'clock and it's always bacon o'clock.)

    30. Wrapping Paper

    And for wrapping it all up.

    NBC / Via

    May all your wildest holiday food dreams come true.