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43 Cheap Things You Need For Your Kitchen

"Gimme gimme gimme!" —your kitchen

1. A plate that comes with a detachable bowl.

2. A single-serving slushie maker.

3. A tight-sealing lid you can use on any pan with a smooth rim.

4. The perfect drinking glasses.

The word "turnt" has never been displayed so beautifully.

Price: $7.50

A few more facts about this cool device: It never needs sharpening, it's dishwasher-safe, and it comes with a salad recipe book.

Price: $20

6. A decal that will make your fridge smile.

7. The ultimate skewer.

This fits several kebabs' worth of food onto one skewer.

Price: $16

8. A mug that mixes your chocolate milk without making a mess.

You'll be snacking on delicious fruit pieces in seconds.

Price: $7.50

10. A sloth to infuse your tea.

11. A potato masher with a handle like a ski pole.

An equal slice for all.

Price: $14.99

13. Brightly colored bowls you can stack.

14. A mug that knows how many "fox" you give.

15. A futuristic-looking microwave popcorn popper.

16. A serving set that's whale-y cute.

18. An ice cube tray that won't drip as you carry it.

19. A pair of scissors that can cut through pizza.

20. A hassle-free citrus juicer.

21. A set of dip clips you can attach to any plate or bowl.

22. A cocktail glass featuring a helpful hint.

23. A pair of paws to protect your hands.

You'll never almost break a tooth on a kernel again.

Price: $18

Just roll it up and store it when you're done.

Price: $11.99

26. A squirrel friend to crack your nuts for you.

27. A mug that knows about the darkness lurking inside you.

28. A multitool that'll help you when you're on grill duty.

29. A set of collapsible measuring cups.

30. A pair of cats to rest chopsticks (or a spoon) on.

31. A tea towel that knows who the best kind of people are.

32. A device that lets you serve with one hand.

33. Scissors that make chopping up herbs a breeze.

34. A cup that displays the temperature of your beverage.

The pop-up camper of storage containers.

Price: $17.49

36. A cold-brew-making bottle.

37. Potholders that rock.

Burning a casserole isn't something to be happy about, but it *would* be fitting to use a Johnny Cash potholder to lift food that's "dressed in black."

Price: $11

38. Bags that transform your toaster into a grilled-cheese-making device.

39. A glamorous tart-serving duo.

40. A press for making delicious tortillas.

41. An apron Jesse Pinkman would approve of.

42. A salad spinner that's easy to clean.

43. A tea towel that wishes you success.