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22 Awesome Games You'll Love Playing With Your Family

Time for game night.

ZoΓ« Burnett / BuzzFeed

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1. Rumble Pie gets wonderfully chaotic.

"Bought this for my 9-year-old niece. We played it during the holidays with teens and adults. All of us had a blast. No waiting turns – it's an action-packed free-for-all."β€”Baking Mom

Price: $22.49

2. Riddle Cube will turn your family into a pack of shape shifters.

"I’ve found my new go-to birthday gift! RiddleCube is a great game, the kind you can easily pick up for a few minutes or an hour, on your own or with a group, whether you want to keep score or just do a few rounds for fun. My 9-year-old was immediately attracted to its tactile nature, and my 4-year-old loved inventing her own versions of the shapes we were attempting."β€”Christa Bartlett

Price: $14.19

3. Yeti in my Spaghetti is a delightful way to pass the time before dinner's ready.

"A highlight at a table with younger children, older children, parents, and grandparents. The yeti is nothing but adorable! It will also be easy to bring from house to house because it is light and very few materials are needed. This will be a go-to gift."β€”Lovely Garden

Price: $11.32

4. Here & Now is a fast-paced version of Monopoly you'll be able to finish in one sitting.

BuzzFeed worked with Milton Bradley to create this unique twist on the old classic that includes new cities and rules that make it much more efficient.

"A great addition to our family game cabinet! My kids love learning about geography and the world, and the added game feature of the passport trays and 'stamps' make the game fun while adding a natural 'end' to the game. The money is simplified, yet totally perfect for adding and making change, giving great math practice for the kids. A fun time for the whole family."β€”Laura Sutherland

Price: $14.99

5. PicWits is like Apples to Apples...only with pictures instead of words.

"We haven't stopped playing this game since opening it on Christmas Day. What fun! And I love how the game changes based on who's playing and their perspective. It's like a fresh game each time, which is really nice. We will be recommending this game to everyone. #obsessed"β€”CrozMo

Price: $22.99

6. Moustache Smash is a hairy β€” excuse me β€” very good time

"Watching a group of 13-year-olds play Moustache Smash is like watching a Black Friday sale with everyone fighting for the same discounted towels. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically as each girl held the mustache up to her face then frantically tried to be the first to smash the card that either matched the color or the shape of their mustache. "β€”The Three Woods

Price: $13.89

7. Wink is a game you can "win in the blink of an eye."

"Great party game for families, kids, and even just adults! I love that it will accommodate up to 8 players at a time and cannot wait to surprise everyone with this during the holiday season." β€”Sasha Q.

Price: $14.24

8. Madd Capp Checkers is the perfect game to bring on your next camping trip (even if that's just in your own backyard).

"Absolutely adorable game! So creative and so much fun. Quick and easy, my 6-year-old loves it! Would recommend to anyone with kids."β€”Diaqu

Price: $9.95

9. Ring It tends to be a bit noisy (in a marvelous way).

"I purchased it for my 5-year-old but after everyone saw how fun it was, we all joined in to play during Thanksgiving dinner. Warning! The people playing this game get very loud and you should play on a sturdy non-glass table top. There will be multiple people slamming their hands down on the bell. Also, your eyes will leak with joy and your cheeks will be sore from all the laughter. Enjoy!"β€”SunnySideUp24

Price: $11

10. Blurble is an exciting game for "quick-witted people."

"It's been fun to play with adults as well as a great learning tool playing with my 6-year-old nephew. It's very versatile in that you can make up your own rules and themes if you are wanting to change things up or add a challenge. It's also easy and convenient to bring along on outings or trips."β€”Kroz

Price: $17.98

11. Thumbs Up will give your stubbiest fingers quite the work out.

"A fun game of matching, quick thinking, moving quickly, and thumbs! Yes, thumbs. You have to get rings on your thumb in a certain order based on a card but you have to do it faster than anyone else! I love a good silly game."β€”My Geeklings

Price: $11.40

12. Tumble Tower is a giant Jenga-esque game to play in your yard.

"We got this for our newly remodeled back yard and it is so much fun! We play it, BBQ, and enjoy the outdoor time with our family! It comes with a convenient carrying bag, so it can travel with us! "β€”Kristen Frank

Price: $129.95

13. And Four to Score is like an oversized version of Connect Four.

"What's not to like. A giant Connect 4 game. My kids couldn't stop playing this at a beach resort in Hawaii, so Santa was nice enough to bring this. Can't wait to put it by the pool this summer and play with the boys."β€”Mark W. Peck

Price: $267.10

14. Lift It is a game you'll really have to use your head to win (literally).

"You try to build what matches the image on your building card before your time runs out. Sounds easy except your wear a crane with a hook on your head to build with!"β€”FamilyandGames

Price: $27.95

15. Ooga Booga will transport you back to the Stone Age.

"You have to memorize sequences of cavemen sounds. The sounds are so ridiculous and hilarious that getting them in the correct order is challenging."β€”Lady Lilith

Price: $9.98

16. Sushi Go is as fun as it is cute.

"Lots of fun. Super adorable artwork on the cards. Fun for kids and enough strategy to keep adults interested. And it comes in a cute 'bento box' tin."β€”MeowsMe

Price: $10.97

17. Patchwork is a well-designed Tetris-like game for two players.

"Very simple to learn. My 10-year-old understood the rules inside of five minutes. The surprise is the depth of strategy. You'll happily play this for years and still find room for improvement. Highly recommended."β€”Stephen Gordon

Price: $24.89

18. Spot It is like an old fashioned game of Memory on steroids.

"We love the way this game can be used and adapted to different-sized groups and different ages. Adults can play with little ones and all can have a good time. Great for building visual skills and dexterity! Highly recommended game!"β€”J.S.C.

Price: $15.99

19. Clumsy Thief is a math game you'll actually want to play.

"My family loves this game. It's easy to learn, fun, and the best part is that it improves math skills (which is normally not something kids find fun to do). I have to admit that even I have found I am adding faster in my head than I did before!"β€”L's reviews

Price: $14.99

20. Kitty Paw is the ideal game for a family of cat-lovers.

"GUYS THIS IS THE CUTEST GAME IN THE WORLD. Everyone knows cats like their boxes so what's better than a box in the shape of a cat?! AND SQUARE CARDS IN THE SHAPE OF SLEEPING KITTENS. This game is so adorable, and it's also so much fun. Super easy to play and you get to say meow!"β€”Nina

Price: $15.99

21. Letter Tycoon lets you build an "alphabet empire".

"A sort of cross between Scrabble and Monopoly, however this game actually ends in a reasonable amount of time. I have a 10-year-old that loves to play it. Helps with spelling and concentration. In this era of digital everything, this is a family board game that does not leave the family bored. Good fun for any age."β€”Stonecoldmark

Price: $35

22. Diamonsters is a sweet game to play with younger children.

"Simple enough that our 5-year-old can play while still being fun for mom, dad, and our 10-year-old. Recommended for 2-4 players but it's definitely better with more people. Game play is fast (around 10 to 15 minutes). Will be a good addition to our travel games collection."β€”Tim Ong

Price: $13.96

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