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    27 Incredibly Fun And Creative Ways To Transform Ikea Products

    Freshen up your Frosta and give your Micke a makeover.

    1. Turn a Trampa mat into a fruity spring accessory for your entryway.

    2. Brighten up a Bekväm step stool with a few sheets of removable wallpaper.

    3. Glitz up an Alex unit with some metallic drawer fronts.

    4. Jazz up a plain Regolit lamp shade with some bunting.

    5. Customize any Ikea bench with planks painted in a rainbow of colors.

    No nails or screws required (just some carpenter's wood glue).

    Full instructions at Likes of Us.

    6. All you need are some maps and some Mod Podge to recreate this decoupaged Micke desk.

    7. Decoupage illustrations from your favorite picture book to the front of some storage boxes.

    8. Mount a Hampen rug on a wall to make a rather cuddly pin board.

    9. Turn a Råskog cart into the prettiest portable herb garden ever using some contact paper and washi tape.

    10. Wrap embroidery thread around the lids of a few Fryken baskets to spice them up a bit.

    11. With a bit of paint, a Fado table lamp becomes a merry moon nightlight.

    12. Have your kids help you add some character to their Kritter furniture with vinyl adhesive sheets.

    13. Transform Mammut stools into toadstools for your little "elves."

    14. If you're tired of hugging the Famnig Hjärta pillow, you could turn it into an apple.

    15. Give your son or daughter their dream bedroom and transform a Kura bed into an amazing bed-fort combo.

    You'll need some construction skills to pull this one off, but it's so worth it.

    More information at Ikea Hackers.

    16. Cross-stitch a design on the top of a Frosta stool.

    17. If you get tired of an old Ikea lamp, turn the shade into a lovely planter.

    18. Add color to the insides of your Kallax shelves if you want to liven up a room.

    19. Cover a Regolit shade with images cut from old picture books.

    20. Organize your make-up supply using a Råskog cart with added labels.

    21. Stitch a Malin Figur cushion cover into a stylish tote.

    22. Create a Billy bookcase that glows using some Dioder lights.

    23. If you know how to crochet, you could whip up enough granny squares to completely cover a Norden bench.

    24. If you're more of a sewer than a crocheter, cover the Norden with a fabric slipcover.

    25. Get out your yarn supply and use it to wrap a Lätt table and chairs in color.

    26. Turn a Rast chest into a craft station on wheels.

    27. Add some ears to a Fado lamp to make a bunny nightlight.

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