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    36 Beautiful Tattoos For People Who Love Food

    Have your cake and tattoo it too.

    1. A burger with everything on it.

    2. A teeny tiny cupcake.

    3. An amazing artichoke.

    4. A petite piece of pizza.

    5. A simple croissant.

    6. A lil' lemon.

    7. A bowl o' fruit.

    8. And a bowl o' rice.

    9. Half a coconut.

    10. A forkful of pasta.

    11. A piping hot cup of coffee

    12. A mushroom duo.

    13. A minimalist ice cream cone.

    14. A gorgeous garlic bulb.

    15. An intricate strawberry.

    16. The perfect pineapple.

    17. Two avocado halves.

    18. Scrumptious-looking pieces of sushi.

    19. A branch of blackberries.

    20. Or blueberries.

    21. A box of popcorn.

    22. A banana.

    23. A large lobster.

    24. Several sprigs of rosemary.

    25. A slice of cake.

    26. Several apples.

    27. Crossed carrots.

    28. Eating utensils.

    29. And cooking utensils.

    30. A cheery peach.

    31. Some exquisite cherries.

    32. A giant radish.

    33. Half a head of cabbage.

    34. A delicious recipe.

    35. A beauteous beet.

    36. A striking array of olives

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