29 Insanely Easy Pranks You Need To Play On April Fools' Day

    So many lols, so little effort.

    1. Give someone a frozen home screen (when they tap the apps, nothing will happen).

    Learn how here.

    2. Block a mouse sensor with a piece of paper and some tape.

    3. While you're at it, Cage-ify someone's entire internet with an extension that swaps out every image for a pic of Nic.

    Download the Chrome extension here.

    4. "Why isn't my body wash coming out?" Plastic wrap, that's why.

    5. Turn someone's iPhone apps to cats.

    6. Hide a toy snake around the house (or the grocery store).

    7. Use autocorrect for evil.

    Learn how here.

    8. Rearrange someone's drawers to seriously confuse them when they're half awake on April Fools' Day morning.

    9. Borrow your friend's phone, change your contact name to "Mom," and start sending hilarious un-mom-like messages.

    Learn more here.

    10. A prank for the Arrested Development fan in your life.

    11. A prank for the Walking Dead fan in your life.

    12. Fill up a pitcher with some "orange juice" (aka the powder from a box of mac and cheese: it's the exact same color!).

    13. Make your roommate believe that your apartment has suddenly become infested with giant bugs.

    14. Squirt a few drops of food coloring onto someone's toothpaste to temporarily recolor their pearly whites.

    15. Wrap a rubber band around a sink spray hose for a wet surprise.

    16. Most people have heard of the mayo doughnut trick by now: Try substituting ketchup for jelly instead.

    17. "Sweetie, will you go fix the leak in the sink?"

    18. Turn someone's water blue (or red, for a more horrifying effect).

    19. Take a needle and poke a bunch of holes in the cups by the water cooler at work.

    20. Print out a horrifying image and leave it in a co-worker's desk drawer.

    21. Put a glow stick in a toilet paper roll and hide it in someone's closet.

    22. "Slash" someone's tires.

    23. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish so it will no longer lather.

    24. Tape a small package of pasta beneath a toilet seat: When someone sits down, the crunching sound will make them think they've cracked it.

    25. Replace someone's bath mat with one that gets "bloody" when wet.

    26. Easter candy is already on the shelves...you may as well put it to "good" use.

    27. Write a co-worker's name on the waistband of a pair of underwear and then leave them in the bathroom at work.

    28. Work somewhere with a view of the sidewalk? Glue a quarter, five dollar bill, or credit card to the ground and enjoy the show.

    29. Replace someone's deodorant with butter (or cream cheese).

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