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    33 Ways To Build A Snow Fort You'll Want To Move In To

    Your teeth may chatter and your lips may turn blue, but it'll still be ridiculously awesome.

    It's winter.

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    Are you filled with joy?

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    Snow angels! Sledding! Skiing!

    Or despair?

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    Shoveling. Snow tires. Subzero temperatures.

    1. No matter how grinchy you're feeling about living in a winter wonderland, there are two words guaranteed to make you excited about this frigid season: SNOW FORT.

    2. Snow fort construction is what snow is intended for. There are so many ways to make one!

    3. You can stack up dozens of snowballs.

    4. Or use trash cans to make an expansive snow mansion.

    5. Use snow stompers (or snowshoes) to make a floor plan before you start to build.

    6. Do you think that dealing with a giant trashcan is a bit cumbersome? Understandable. Buckets...

    7. ...or tubs will also do the trick.

    8. If you'd rather not use a tub or a trashcan, you can purchase a special Sno-Castle Kit.

    "Includes everything but snow!"

    9. Or a useful block mold.

    Now you're a master of the art of snow masonry.

    10. Of course, the easiest way to make a snow fort is simply by digging in to a snowbank.

    11. These guys will be helpful for the burrowing process.

    12. Find a naturally occurring snow fort to make things easier still.

    13. Afraid of cave-ins? Use an umbrella as a roof.

    14. Or a few branches.

    15. Perhaps a tent.

    16. Maybe even a blanket.

    17. Your fort can be tall...

    18. ...or small.

    19. And chilling in it doesn't have to be a daylight only event.

    20. Fully commit to the ice and snow theme by using an ice votive for your candle.

    21. Use the edge of a shovel to shave away at the snow and create smooth walls.

    22. Equip your roof with icicles to threaten away intruders.

    23. Add a window to let the light in.

    24. Even if you're not going to construct an actual igloo, drawing lines will give the appearance of one.

    25. Don't forget to let your snowman friends in on the fun.


    27. Climb into his butt.

    Frosty approves.

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    28. Add faux wallpaper, rugs and other decor with snow-markers.

    29. Or go the DIY route and make your own snow paint.

    30. And if you're feeling REALLY ambitious, you can make the most colorful, most beautiful snow fort of all.



    33. Wondering when you can move in yet?

    Now go grab your mittens and get to work!

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    You may never be able to surpass Elsa's snow fort creating ability, but it sure is fun to try.