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This Artist Puts Disney Characters Into Real-Life Situations

Out of their animated worlds and into ours.

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5. Suddenly Mickey becomes a janitor....

9. How does he match up each character and photograph (like Ariel and this bedroom scene) so perfectly?

"Where Have You Been" by Harry McNally

McNally played it coy and told BuzzFeed Life that "the ideas come to me in my sleep."

10. Although he's marvelous at creating these moments melding fantasy and reality, McNally said he has never been a huge Disney fan (sorry, Peter Pan).

"Diagnosis" by Harry McNally

"However, I grew up with two sisters, so I was exposed to a lot of these films. Sometimes unwillingly. I am seeing a therapist now."

11. Cogsworth is not impressed with this display, but if *you* are, you can buy prints of McNally's work here.

And if you don't have the money for a print, go ahead and follow McNally on Instagram to see who he drops into the real world next.