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27 Insanely Helpful Diagrams Every DIY Enthusiast Needs

Whether you're the next Martha or a total beginner.

1. For using your favorite childhood beverage to dye fabric.

2. For pom pom perfection.

Created by Chanel at Camille Styles.

3. For all your tassel making needs.

Created by Kaley Ann.

4. For selecting the right adhesive.

5. For cutting it out.

Created by For The Makers.

6. For tying the perfect bow.

Created by The Elli Blog.

7. For creative ways to use washi tape.

8. For crafting an impeccable pinwheel.

9. For figuring out how to wield a paintbrush like a master.

Created by Plaid (where there's a lot more information about craft painting).

10. For choosing the right paintbrush.

Created by Practical Magic Art Supply (here's a kit that includes many of these brushes).

11. For properly prepping surfaces before beginning to paint.

Created by Plaid (find more information about FolkArt Multi-Surface paint here).

12. For picking out the right Mod Podge formula.

Created by Mod Podge Rocks (where you'll find over 250 projects you can use all that Mod Podge for).

13. For becoming a veritable yarn expert.

14. For changing colors (or attaching a new skein) when knitting.

Created by Lion Brand Yarn (get some yarn of your own here).

15. For purchasing the right amount of yarn.

Created by Stitch and Unwind and AllFreeKnitting (where you'll find a variety of projects to use that yarn for).

16. For teaching your kids how to knit with you.

Created by Melissa at Imagination Soup.

17. For selecting the optimal type of chain.

Created by Jonelle at Design Thrift.

18. For keeping it all together.

Created by For The Makers.

19. For putting a name to a variety of common bead shapes.

Created by H.L. Graham.

20. For learning about the different tools you'll need to turn those beads into jewelry.

Carolina Moore

Created by Darice (there's more information on its Jewelry Designer plier set here).

21. For solving all "what stitch should I use?" conundrums.

Created by Amanda Farquharson (follow her sewing adventures here).

22. For figuring out which fabric you should use for a variety of sewing projects.

Created by Heather at Feather's Flights (check out her Sewing 101 series to learn more).

23. For every beginner quilter with questions about precuts.

24. For every time you attempt to calculate out how many inches two-thirds of a yard equals.

25. For when you're cutting up squares for your next quilt.

26. For some help visualizing button sizes.

Created by Britex Fabrics (find their buttons here).

27. For reattaching every pesky button that happens to fall off.

Now get out your tools and start crafting!

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