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37 Punny Products That Will Make You LOL

You're only *pun*ishing yourself if you don't buy them.

1. A set of coasters for the literal minded people of the world.

2. A tank for a badass.

3. A card for when you need to pay someone a compliment.

4. A tote for nappers.

5. A mug for someone who is brave, daring, chivalrous *and* cute.

6. A print for the person who knows it's not a party without a casserole.

7. A magnet for anyone who wants to laugh whenever they open their fridge.

8. A brooch for people without a care in the world.

9. A print for vegetable enthusiasts.

10. A tee for people who love cats as much as they love burritos.

11. And a bookmark for people who love cats as much as they love to read.

12. A print for baseball fans.

13. A onesie that'll make a perfect baby shower gift.

14. A brooch for the classical music listener.

15. A mug that's perfect for drinking a cup of tea by the sea.

16. A tote bag that'll remind you to seize the day.

17. A tote for the person who's ready to hit the road.

18. A card for those who would like Adam Levine better if he was a macaroon.

19. A print for a musician.

20. A tote for people who are ready for summer to be over.

21. A tee for bakers.

22. A coaster set for close readers.

23. A print for someone who needs some encouragement.

24. A tee for people with enviable locks.

25. A bowl for breakfast butcherers.

26. A pin that'll remind you to chill out.

27. A tee for Danny Devito fans.

28. A pin for an adorable math geek.

29. A print to remind you of all that glitters.

30. An awesome pin.

31. A pillow for the person who just can't.

32. An oh-so-cute tote.

33. A coaster that will have you humming the Jurassic Park theme.

34. A tea bag holder for Game of Thrones fans.

35. A tote featuring a helpful illustrated duck.

36. A tee for gardeners.

37. And a cheery seasonal badge.