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    29 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Love

    Sometimes love makes you want to sing...and sometimes it makes you want to pull the covers up over your head.

    1. On the difficulty of expressing your love.

    Art by Owl Turd Comix.

    2. On holding hands with the one you love.

    Art by Tiffany Ford.

    3. On edible love.

    4. On sharing a bed with the one you love.

    5. On love between dog owners.

    Art by Gemma Correll.

    6. On needing to be so much closer to the one you love.

    Art by Deep Dark Fears.

    7. On unfulfilled love.

    Art by Nick Sumida.

    8. On keeping the one you love healthy.

    9. On seemingly impossible love.

    10. On never wanting to stop talking to the one you love.

    Art by Sarah Graley.

    11. On protecting the one you love.

    12. On finding your true love.

    Art by Philippa Rice.

    13. On young love.

    Art by Jordan Jeffries.

    14. On a mother's love.

    Art by Kate Beaton.

    15. On past love.

    Art by Lizzy Stewart.

    16. On love songs.

    17. On literary love.

    Art by Irena Freitas.

    18. On the love between pet owner and pet.

    Art by Sam Spina.

    19. On sacrificing yourself for the one you love.

    20. On long-lasting love.

    Art by Ruth Chan.

    21. On being a book lover.

    22. On unexpressed love.

    23. On the early stages of love.

    Art by Julian Callos.

    24. On love changing as you get older.

    25. On chivalrous acts of love.

    Art by Tiffany Ford.

    26. On being a part of a chain of unreciprocated love.

    Art by Anne Emond.

    27. On passionate love.

    Art by Kim Roselier.

    28. On love expressed through mooing.

    Art by Seo Kim.

    29. On the quest for love.

    Art by Hyesu Lee.