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27 Awesome Coloring Books You'll Want To Start Using ASAP

Know someone who loves to color? Add one of these to your shopping cart ASAP.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. The Official Bob's Burgers Coloring Book, for anyone who dreams of being a member of the Belcher clan.

Promising review: "Have you ever wanted to color your favorite characters AND get stickers at the same time? Then this is the coloring book for you." —Jennifer

Price: $13.14

2. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Magical Creatures Coloring Book, for magizoologists.

Harper Design

Promising review: "I have had a lot of fun with the first book in this series and am just as pleased with the second one. While there is more of a focus on the magical creatures, a good number of designs are also of characters and scenes. There are a color pictures on the inside of the front and back covers to give you some idea of color and setting if you choose to go realistically with your coloring. The scenes are set in New York in the 1926." —iiiireader

Price: $10.99

3. A Cozy Coloring Cookbook, for chefs.


Promising review: "I have a few other coloring books for adults, but this one is truly a work of art! Not only are the recipes of the same beautiful and amazing quality that we've come to associate with A Cozy Kitchen, but the artwork in this book is practically frame-worthy! The pages are just as beautiful as the photos on the blog, and give you the same 'everything is going to be alright if I just make these chai gingerbread cookies' feeling that the rest of her posts do. This book belongs up there on your shelf along with all of your other great cookbooks (after you color in your favorite pages)! And I mean...a coloring book with a cute corgi?? Come on. Can't beat that. This one is going to all my friends and family for Xmas this year!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $10.90

4. Posh Coloring Book: Cats & Kittens, for anyone who's always covered in cat hair.

Andrews McMeel

Promising review: "My great-niece loved this coloring book. She is crazy about cats and she couldn't have been happier with it." —Sillywilly14

Price: $8.04

5. Together: A Mommy + Me Coloring Book, for a mother who loves to color as much as her child does.

Paige Tate

Promising review: "This coloring book is so lovely! We just got it today and we already love it. The care and attention to detail put into making it is evident on each and every page. The perforated pages make it really easy to tear out the pages for parent and child to work on at the same time. I love how my son can be working on a page and I can work on my own right alongside him. The adult pages have more intricate details than the kid pages, but you can still use crayons for much of it if you're so inclined. This is a plus in my opinion because I love the look of crayon coloring. The paper used for the coloring pages is higher quality than most coloring books, so it holds up really well." —Julianne

Price: $9.20

6. Pusheen Coloring Book, for (surprise surprise) people who love Pusheen.


Promising review: "Even now as I write this review from work, I wish I was home coloring in my new Pusheen coloring book! This thing rocks. I have collected a few coloring books since coloring became trendy, and this is probably my favorite one so far. I am a 26-year-old adult, and I squealed like a little girl the whole time I flipped through this book." —Katlyn Minard

Price: $11.69

7. Full Color: A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups, for anyone who wants to get a little psychedelic.

Hardie Grant

Promising review: "With adult coloring books being so super hot right now, it’s hard for a new one to stand out on the shelf — let alone offer a new twist on the coloring experience. Well, with just one look at that vibrant, psychedelic cover and a flick-through the pages, you can tell that Full Color: A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups offers up tons of quirky art and what promises to be a fun coloring experience!" —I Sniff Books

Price: $14.95

8. Vogue Colors A to Z, for the most fashionable person you know.


Promising review: "A stunning book! As I leafed through the pages, I was riveted by the attention to detail. The motifs on the endpapers begin the journey and, as a bonus, can be colored. The covers provide just enough black lines to color — but not too much — and the paper quality is excellent. I especially love the pullout pages of dresses from 1912-1932, they reminded me of paper doll books from my childhood. Also, the colorized versions of the Vogue covers appear in the back, in case you need some inspiration!" —Rose

Price: $11.27

9. Don't Worry, Eat Cake, for anyone in need of a pep talk.

Andrews McMeel

Promising review: "When I saw this book, I almost cried. I was so sick of the 'inspirational' books that just made me feel worse for me being me. This a great book of REAL feeling, REAL messages, and still some of those lovey dovey inspirations. Every page gives you a boost. This is perfect for any one who has ever felt life is just not going her way, nothing she does is right, or just needs a little boost. I actually hugged this book after I read all the wonderful realistic messages. Finally a book meant for me that wasn't fake!! I love, love, love this book!" —T. Marie

Price: $9.20

10. The National Parks Coloring Book, for outdoor enthusiasts.

Harper Design

Promising review: "Great coloring book. Purchased to take on my National Parks road trip this summer. Figured it would be fun to color the pages at camp before bed." —Rachel H.

Price: $10.19

11. HBO's Game of Thrones Coloring Book, for citizens of the Seven Kingdoms.

Chronicle Books

Promising review: "So many of my favorite characters are included and there are also great depictions of King's Landing, Winterfell and Braavos. The book also contains depictions of Ned Stark, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Melisandre, Brienne, The Hound and Oberyn Martell and others, as well as castles, the Night's Watch, and the Night King with his army of White Walkers. If you are a fan of this series I couldn't recommend this book any more highly!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $7.97

12. The Splat, for '90s kids.

Random House

Promising review: "The book includes 47 designs. There seems to have been a team of illustrators as there are several styles. Some of the designs have thicker lines and a more open feel, while others have thin lines and are considerably more detailed. I like all of the various styles and levels of detail as it makes the book that much more fun to color." —iiiireader

Price: $11

13. Color Me Jane, for bookworms.

Clarkson Potter

Promising review: "What can I say? I'm hooked on coloring and literature. Color Me Jane takes one to a bygone era allowing the reader to put their personal stamp on the book by coloring the different illustrations while reminiscing about the works of Jane Austen. Totally awesome!" —Nancy C. Lepri

Price: $10.23

14. To the Ocean Deep, for people who agree with Sebastian (and think it's better down where it's wetter).

Laurence King

Promising review: "Wonderful drawing to color or just hang as-is. The artwork is so interesting and fun to look at: each time you look, you see something you missed the time before." —Rosalie P. Brown

Price: $12.58

15. The Dr. Seuss Coloring Book, for anyone who used to get in trouble for scribbling in their picture books when they were little.

Random House

Promising review: "I love the fact I not only get to relive my childhood through coloring, but I also get to color Dr. Seuss in my own way. Has a lot of variety and I love how they put some pages with quotes from books like The Lorax and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" —Aeverly

Price: $11.18

16. Intricate Ink: Animals in Detail, for colorers who never get frustrated with complicated illustrations.


Promising review: "You'll never look at a bearded dragon the same way. (The images look fantastic in their original black and white too and I'm thinking of pulling out a few to frame as a gift for our lizard-loving nephew.) I don't consider myself a creative person and frankly haven't picked up a colored pencil since childhood, but I'm so glad I bought this and plan to order another as a gift for my mom, who DOES color and is going to freak out over it. Art-lovers, animal-lovers, illustration-lovers, or just supporters of independent artists should BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!" —Josh

Price: $12.81

17. And Create Magic, for people who would prefer not to color in super-complicated pieces of artwork.

Amber Lotus

Promising review: "The pages are full of beautiful pictures that are fun to color in, no teeny tiny bizarre spaces that make you dizzy." —Alicia Cordier

Price: $10.06

18. Toolshed Coloring Book, for handymen (and women).

Laurence King

Promising review: "I really had no idea what to expect with this coloring book, but having just received it, I can only marvel at its scope. First of all, it could be a book of illustrations to admire/enjoy — thousands of big and little 'things' fill its pages in careful, attentive line drawings that are a joy to rummage through. Secondly, it has an index of all these items, page by page, that could be a 'found' poetry volume in and of itself." —M. Sweeney

Price: $9.56

19. SpongeBob's Very Grown-Up Coloring Book, for fans of nautical nonsense.

Random House

Promising review: The pages are very well made: thick, so if you're using pens, they don't bleed through to the next page. They are single-sided pictures, the only thing on the back of them is a quote that goes with the adjacent picture (some of my favorite lines from the show). It's not just all SpongeBob himself, everyone is in there! Definitely an 'adult' coloring book: not 'dirty,' just more advanced and for people who grew up with the show as it originally aired." —lexie154

Price: $10.50

20. Gulliver's New Travels, for anyone who wants coloring to be more of a ~journey~.

Barron's Educational Series

Promising review: "This one is a challenge. The kind of challenge that's not intimidating, but great fun!" —Marcia Serepy

Price: $8.96

21. The Wicked Plants Coloring Book, for your aunt who spends the entire summer working in her garden.


Promising review: "While the botanical illustrations are great in themselves, they are even better when we add color! Be realistic, or go nuts with color: both work great. After coloring, the illustrations can be removed and framed." —Cissa

Price: $6.50

22. Dream Doodle Draw: Castles and Kingdoms, for lords, ladies, princes, and princesses with crayons in large supply.

Little Simon

Promising review: "An upscale coloring/activity book for children/adults who can stay between the lines! There are all sorts of cool pictures and artistic challenges (draw a princess, find your way through a maze, etc.). So grab your colored pencils, crayons, or markers and have hours of fun exercising your artistic muse." —Bob Walch

Price: $7.99

23. Fantastic Structures, for anyone who goes on an architectural tour whenever they visit a new city.

Chronicle Books

Promising review: "I had never heard of Steve McDonald before I started enjoying adult coloring he is one of my favorite artists. One of the things I especially love about these pictures is that I've actually seen a number of the structures in person. Please excuse me for bragging just a bit, but I've seen the Eiffel Tower, Saint Basil's, the Colosseum, Red Square, the Tower Bridge, the Gherkin, Chateau Frontenac and the Astronomical Clock. Mr. McDonald brought them to life with his brilliant interpretations of these magnificent structures. If you are interested in architecture, travel or just beautiful art, there is no way you will be disappointed in this book." —K. Howard

Price: $11.79

24. Beautiful Birds, for your grandmother who has at least 14 different feeders hanging up in her yard.

Flying Eye Books

Price: $10.99

25. Trianimals: Color Me Wild, for people who prefer a little direction when it comes to color selection.

Promising review: "This book has some very challenging pictures: do not be fooled into thinking color-by-numbers is for children! They provide you with both a natural or a vivid color palette to choose for each picture. The beginning of the book shows examples of what the natural color palettes will turn out like. At the back of the book, there are 8 different masks to color and cut out." —Pukka333

Price: $9.93

26. The Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book, for anyone with a case of wanderlust.

Lonely Planet

Promising review: "This is a very cool adult coloring book. Excellent scenes/historical places. Can't wait to begin coloring. The scenes aren't too simple or complex for coloring. Some get so detailed they make my eyes hurt, but not this one." —Renee Russell

Price: $14.99

27. And Home Alone: The Authorized Coloring Book, for wet bandits.

Harper Design

Promising review: "If you watch Home Alone every Christmas with your family, you are going to want this coloring book. It has all the iconic scenes drawn out for you. Highly recommended for some holiday bonding fun." —Coloring Book Addict

Price: $10.48

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