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Updated on Oct 25, 2018. Posted on Dec 20, 2014

24 Adorable Free Gift Tags You Can Print Right Now

Why buy tags when you can just print out these beauties?


1. A flock of rotund Santa labels.

Download the template at Pysselbolaget.

2. These will make you long for a piece of candy.

Download the template by Very Sarie at Studio DIY.

3. Possibly the most adorably illustrated tags of all time.

Download the templates from Helen Dardik at Orange You Lucky here and here.

4. Tags with texture: you pinprick them!

Download the template at o.prinku.

5. All of these are swell, but the yeti! Just look at that yeti.

6. Gorgeously illustrated tags in a muted palette.

Download the template from Kelli Murray.

7. One of these angels would be a beautiful addition to the top of your tree, but they can also be used to label your gifts.

Download the template from Catalina Estrada.

8. For a present that looks good enough to eat.

Download the template at Spoon Fork Bacon.

9. Moose! Seals! Narwhals! It's a whole gang of cute animal tags.

Download the template from Lia Griffith.

10. Make these darling bears even more festive by gluing pom poms to the tops of their hats.

Download the template at Creature Comforts.

11. Here's some merry geometric winter scenery in three different color options.

Download the template at The Felted Fox.

12. Sweet stockings, snowmen and Santa Clauses.

Download the template at Skip to my Lou.

13. Six tags featuring lovely watercolor animals.

Download the template from Sanae Ishida.

14. Let these little cuties bedeck your packages.

Download the template from Giovana Medeiros.

15. Keep things black and white....

Download the template at A Pair & A Spare.

16. ...or wonderfully colorful.

Download the template here and see more of Joëlle's work at Studio Sjoesjoe.

17. "Happy Happy Elves" make for happy, happy present receivers.

18. Adorn your gifts with some gemstones.

Download the template at Love vs. Design.

19. Exquisite tags worth saving even after the wrapping paper is thrown away.

Download the template from Oana Befort.

20. Bright and charming tags with vintage illustrations.

Download the template at My Girl Thursday.

21. This amazing kitten garland could easily be transformed into a series of tags.

Download the template at Happythought.

22. An adorable Prancer tag that can actually prance!

Download the template at Eat Drink Chic.

23. Emily McDowell created these rustic stunners.

Download the template at Poppytalk.

24. Meow. Meow. Meow.

Download the template at Small Good Things.

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