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19 Wildly Adorable Products You Definitely Need In Your Life

Love them, love them, say that you'll love them.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

1. A bear who would adore hibernating with you.

Price: $46

2. A sloth who wants to hang out on your neck.

Price: $24.82

3. A pair of kittens who'll keep your toes covered in style.

Price: $45

4. A fox who would love to help you knit.

Price: $32.70

5. A hedgehog who longs to grate up some cheese for you.

6. A stingray who would be honored to dry you off after a bath.

Price: $72

7. A llama who'll back up all your files.

Price: $21

8. A crocodile who'll keep your neck warm in the depths of winter.

Price: $45

9. A pug who's great at steeping tea.

10. And a friendly panda to sip some tea from.

11. A sweet shark who wants to keep your baby cozy.

Price: $148

12. Sparkly flamingos who'll protect your eyes from the sun.

13. A truly fierce panther purse.

Price: $57

14. A whale who'll keep your books in an upright position.

Price: $64

15. A crab who'll help you stay prompt.

Price: $60

16. A jellyfish who's willing to keep track of all your doodads.

17. A tortoise who'll keep your clutter hidden in her shell.

18. A pair of squirrels who would be happy to live near your ears.

Price: $24

19. An anteater eagerly waiting to grow a plant on his back.

Price: $55

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